D-pad vs analog

I wonder in some of the game, one of those is Metal slug antholy for wii, work with the d-pad on the menu and the analog for the game.

My problem is on wii/GC but meaby the same for PS and Xbox.
is the dpad work for all your game ?

Is some use PNP to connect both of then to a arcade stick ?

Well, if you use my products, problem is taken care of. Gamecube support on the MC Cthulhu, and Wii support via the PiiWee, both default to sending how you move the acrade stick as BOTH left analog and d-pad commands to the console.

Now if your not using my board, and are instead using a padhacked GC pad or CC, what you’re describing is possible, but requires some additional electronics and lots of soldering. If you’re about doing this, you’ll need another part I have, called a “360^2”, to interface the digital signals with the potentiometers on the board. Part runs $9, plus $2 for first class shipping in the US, and I can describe how to go about wiring it up to you.

Thx Toodles.

but I’m in France, so the shipping price will cost more the new arcade stick ^^.
Plus i have already the part I need, and a switch will be enought for my use of the stick.
I have a project box with a PC usb and a GC pcb in, that I use for a Fligh stick (big ben).
It was mane for GC only and don’t work with Wii. That why i mod it to be GC-Wii/PC.

I thnik you more understand my question now.

Why game designer can’t made both (dpad and analog) work in there game ?? :wink:

Ask snk

and any other company that does this