** D-Pad's New Braunfels, TX tournament - Feb 28th, 2009!


*** D-Pad’s New Braunfels, TX tournament - Feb 28th, 2009!!*

Sup, it’s been a while since I went out and hosted a tournament. Other than the events happening at Arcade UFO, I’m gonna go ahead and host my next up coming tournament at the D-Pad located in New Braunfels (located in-between Austin and San Antonio). We got nothing but the newest games of 08/09 being hosted this time around. Of course, side-tournaments are welcome but not official.

Also, please if you can bring spare TVs and Consoles for this event.
Any help will be greatly appreciated!

**** Location!**
Address: 1024 San Antonio St. Ste. A, New Braunfels, TX?
Phone Number: 830-643-0440
Pics: (None at the moment)

*NOTE: Please note, D-Pad will only know so much about the tournament.
If you want to know more info about this event, please post here and I will respond.

Street Fighter 4
**** The Games!**

  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Starting at 2:00 pm) - Wii
  • Street Fighter HD (Starting at 3:00 pm) - PS3
  • Tatsunoko vs. Capcom (Starting at 5:00 pm) - Wii
  • Street Fighter 4 (Starting at 6:00 pm) - PS3
  • Fate/Unlimited Codes (Starting at 7:00 pm) - PS2

We are using the PS3 for SF4 and SFHD.

*NOTE: Some events may be delayed (but don’t count on it), however ‘Super Smash Bros. Brawl’ and ‘Super Street Fighter 4’ are set on stone. Please, show up or time!

**** Registration!**
Venue: $5 (only have to pay once)
Entry Fee for each game: $10 (pay for each game you would like to enter, money goes straight to the prize pot)

**** Prize!**
It will basically be a the usual 70/20/10 split. In other words, depending how much money is in the prize pot will be rewarded to the top 3 players of the tournament. 1st will get 70%, 2nd place will get 20%, and 3rd place will get 10% of the prize pot.

*NOTE: Street Fighter 4 and Smash Bros Brawl will have a different split.
It will go something like this: 60/25/15

**** General Global Rules!**

  • Please bring your own controller.
  • All rules are arcade standard.
  • Don’t use any game breaking glitches for any game that will prevent the match to continue.
  • If you win with your character, you have no choice but to stay as that character until you have lost (except for Smash Bros. Brawl)
  • If you pause in a middle of a match, your opponent has the option of having you lost the match, do the match over, or continue on.
  • No refunds once you have started your first match in the tournament.

Also, please don’t act stupid.
In other words, don’t act childish. I don’t want to hear baby excuses on why you lost or why you can’t win. When the tournament starts for that portion of the game there will be NO CASUALS until that portion/game of that tournament is over.
If you are playing casuals, you will be given one warning, but if you are cought again after being warned you will be DQed (yum, ice cream… no but seriously).

**** Console Game Rules!**

  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl!
    Have not posted the official rule set for this event just yet.
    But to make you guys worry less about what kind of rules I will put up, don’t worry, items will be turned off.

  • Street Fighter 4!

  • Console Characters will be allowed (including Boss character such as Seth).
  • Street Fighter HD!
  • Akuma is allowed.
  • Tatsunoko vs. Capcom!
  • Console Characters will be allowed as well as the giant characters that take up 2 slots.
  • Fate/Unlimited Codes!
    Not sure yet…

Let’s make this a badass tournament!
Show up, and just have some fun! ;o



I’m definitely going to this. I love teh Dpad.


Wow, Unlimited Codes is up there. A couple of friends and I might hit this one up to see how we are doing with the rest of the comp.


I’ll be going to this mainly for Fate/Unlimited Codes. Hope to see more players there! :slight_smile:

If all goes right, there’s like 3 or 4 FUC players from down here that’d be attending.


i might go to this, just for sf4,ssftHD,and tvc


Pozer - One question…

Gouki allowed in STHD, yes or no?


Hey guys, this is Tony one of the owners of the D Pad. Cant wait to see everyone come down for the tournament. We have 8 flat screen HD 23" tv’s, 8 standard 32" tv’s and 1 32" flat screen HD tv. So if you guys would like to bring more tv’s that’s fine. We should have the space for it. As for systems I’ll get back to everyone on what we have here that you guys can use. We sill have our 3s arcade on free play so do come by and have a good time. We also sell Old school games and more than likely have one of the best selections in Texas, so bring extra cash.


is this the same tourney that ur giving away a 3s cabinet? If so, why isnt 3s in the line up?

this is a good location guys. place is great and so is the set up. hope to see some out of towners their!:wink:


No, this is a different event.

Talking about Akuma?
If so, yes.


I’ll be there of course. Pozer, if you need help running Smash let me know.


Sadly not the same one, I would still like to have one, but now my business partner and I are talking about taking offers on the cabinet. I would love to have a tournament for the cabinet, but we are just not sure yet. Plus I have to practice for the arcade ufo tournament. :wgrin:


Although, I still think the tournament is a great idea. I’m still willing to make the drive from Azle just to run the damn thing.


im there with a crew.


So here is a count of what I have at my store right now. I have 3-4 wii’s, 5 copies of brawl, 1 PS3(for right now I think I can get another one). This could change from the tournament date I will kept you guys posted.


All i needed to know, thanks.


Why would you ask?


Anything you would like to share in why Akuma should be banned?


Akuma is balanced in HDRemix, he should only be banned in original ST2.


FUC and no GG?


Wouldn’t the tournament run a lot faster if the SF4 part was played on the 360? I guess we could have people bring their own ps3 but then we would have to hope that they bring them, but we can guarantee that there will be at least eight 360s. Just my two cents. I go there regularly and I guess can be called a “helper”.

P.S. I’m also offering housing to anyone out of town. Just send me a msg. and bring a pillow and blanket. Also will probably have one or two TVs setup so we can practice the night before so bring your controller also.


Side tournaments are allowed.
So if we get enough people for GG, then I’m all up for hosting GG on the side.

Um, don’t see how. Regardless this event is based on the PS3 versions of the game.