D-Town Beatdown 2013 Q2


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D-Town Beat Down is back and now we have moved to a new location! We are hosting this DTB in the heart of Addison, TX. With 4,200 square feet of floor room no more cramped spaces and plenty of room to move around. More setups! More room! More fun!

We also want to welcome back all the players who have supported us through the thick and thin. And to show our thanks, there is no venue fee for this DTB and we will be providing food for all tournament participants. You will still have to pay the tournament entry fee for each game you wish to participate in. More details to follow soon…

This DTB will be hosting a total of 6 games. We will also have a B.Y.O.C. section for those who are wanting to bring a set up a casual for their game of choice. We we will also have casual stations for PlayStation All-Stars and Injustice! provided by Versus Netplay.

Also a very important announcement with this DTB is tournament sign ups will be online only. All tournament participators must sign up online in order to register for the tournament. We except a large number of participants and in order to run as efficiently as possible we will not offer on site signs up for this DTB.

-Day of the event: May 4th
-On Line sign-ups start March 15
-Sign-ups and casuals start at 12pm
-Games start sharply at 1pm


The Addison Conference & Theatre Centre
15650 Addison Rd
Addison, TX 75001-3285
4200sf ballroom

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Venue Fee (FREE!) Online signups only @ versusnetplay.com
No door signups


SSF4AE (XBOX) ($10)
SFXT2013 (XBOX) ($10)
UMVC3 (XBOX) ($10)
TTT2 (PS3) 3pm ($10)
Persona 4(XBOX) ($10)
MK (PS3) 2:00 ($10)

Injustice (XBOX) Casuals
PlayStation All-stars (PS3) Casuals

Feel free to bring your own setups for casuals.

Sign-up now @ versusnetplay.com

The payout is still: 1st 60%, 2nd 30%, 3rd 10%.

We will need at least 10 people to sign up for these games in order to run them.
We will keep track of online sign-ups and post the results every week until online sign-ups are cutoff.
That way everyone interested knows where they stand.



All tournaments will be Double Elimination tournaments.

Prizes and Points:
The top 3 places in each event will split the pot as follows:
1st 60%
2nd 30%
3rd 10%
(The bracket must have at least 10 participants or else winner takes all).

Top ten place standing will be posted on the versusnetplay.com website.
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Contact Reggie if you have any questions. reggie@versusnetplay.com
Sign-up now @ versusnetplay.com

Sign-up are open now!

5 mins away? i gotta go!!!

DTB signups are up and running. Remember, registration is online only. Please sign up as soon as possible so that we can plan for proper seeding and most importantly, make sure I have enough food.