{?d u[ v.2 (Shin Fury Works)


Its been a long time coming, Hybrid Fury and I are teaming up once again for another blast of badass muthafuckin’ avatar/sig request’ takin’. You know the rules, but, if you dont, here they are.

Rules and Regulations…Yes bitches we have rules

  1. Only one avatar per person a week (or two).
  2. No requesting avs for others…
  3. Please do not rush us, we do have lives.
  4. No bogus av requests (hence…cable doing a AHVB on Kitty N from Bust-A-Move)
  5. Team avs are acceptable, and human portaits also…just provide the pictures of the people.
  6. Yes we are awesome…and you MAY bow down to us.








**DARKX~ **









u got some nice stuff


That is nice work.

Could I get a donatello av? Colors of choice are black and green. I probably won’t post it for a while cuz I just got a brand new one.



Team huh?..alright Mr.kairi hook me up with one,and use this pic that i’m giving you.And no i won’t bow to you.



word! sup kairi!..hit me up with a team avatar…use these sprites…





Request thread of the year. Let’s see if Eric can keep up with his requests this time ;p

Can you guys hook it up with an av/tag set? No sprite + lots of colors would be awesome.


That’s a very cool idea.

Tonbarry: Nice av!


Jiorn here is what i have so far, Kairi is gonna do the rest… this is what you call a tru collaboration :smiley:


Dang, that’s really nice. Almost… sexy!

I can’t wait to see the finished product. Oh yeah, Donatello wears Purple and uses the Bo staff:P

Edit: That doesn’t mean I want a diff. av. I WANT THIS ONE!:smiley:


Hybrid, can I get that guile avatar I requested 2 weeks ago in your old thread? ;p


tonbarry and Jiorn avies complete. bl(4)de and ytwojay on the way.


may I get one? If so, I would like the Yun sprite I attached on the av. Thanks in advanced.





You tools sure don’t know your TMNT. gasps

gl, ladies. Let me put my luck powder on your thread and…um…‘vanish’ and stuff.


I know my TMNT. Hybrid didnt. :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:


Seeing as you guy completely screwed up my order…

… I’ll accept ANOTHER. This time with Don.

J/K :smiley: I thought everyone knew their turtles.

You guys are amazing, keep up the great work.


Lol sorry yo, kinda slipped mah mind…i was somewhere else at that moment… >_< :bluu:


Can I get a Storm AV with a black/silver theme?
Thanks in advance if you guys decide to pick it up!


can I get a I-No sprite av from Hybrid Fury.



Both of you expect your avatars tommorow.