D2RV-LG \ D2RV-G-SD2 - where to buy?


So I found where to buy the D2RV-L (levered 25g switches) but does anyone know where to buy the D2RV-LG (50G switches) not having much luck. also anyone know where to buy the new D2RV-G-SD2 (the ones in the new silent jlf) ?

@moonchilde @darksakul @hibachifinal‌ @nendo or anyone else?

Thanks guys!!!


If it’s not in stock at mouser but listed on the site, then you can special order it. Might cost a lot more though. Generally, there are a bunch of variations of Omron that are never in stock and are special orders across multiple sites.

Paradise has levered D2RV switches but I’m not sure what their engage force is.


Thanks! I spent like $50 including shipping on 4x D2RV-Ls lol. they were like $12 a pop. Gonna give em a shot in a ls40\ls32. thanks buddy!


I know they will fit but has anyone throw in D2RV-L in a ls-32 ? wonder how they feel. i seem to remember the D2RV-G’s having a slightly deeper engage, hence the new white actuator on the old silent jlf


You’ll need to get an oversized actuator from PAS. Otherwise, it will engage further in than normal.


didnt see one for ls-32 maybe search function is broke. ill look again. thanks!


Here they are: http://www.paradisearcadeshop.com/403-pas-custom-annodized-parts?p=4


lol. im a derp. i probably just thought they were jlf. thanks!!!