D3 ain't the only boyd in dis Brawl, forget about it! Falco Thread

I felt my main feathered friend deserved some love.

Reflector in your face! lulz.

Copied and pasted from my post on Smashboards.

Honestly bro Falco is top tier no lie.

Also you should just combine SS and S since they are all compareable.

Anyway, let me explain why Falco is top tier.

He has good tilts. F-tilt is fast and safe with decent knock back. D-tilt is still solid, but it’s not a kill move anymore. U-tilt is just for set-ups and to get them in the air.

His aerials are solid. His Nair is pretty safe on block and has no land lag. So he can SH Nair and if they block he can roll away or he could jab combo. I have done this myself. He could also shine. Fair is mostly just a move to use in the air to get in some extra damage. It’s not an approach. Bair is still good. Fast with decent power. Can around 145ish. Falco can still gimp with it and he still recovers quickly from it. Uair is now a solid kill move. Can kill around 130ish. Fast and strong. Dair spikes in the opening frames now like the PAL version of Melee. Still very fast. He can use it to approach, but Nair is bit a better IMO.

All of Falco’s smashes are really good. U-smash is a good kill move now. Starts to kill around 125. Still very fast and seems to be safe on block. D-smash is as fast as ever. More useful as a tool to get opponents away from Falco then as a reliable killer. It starts to kill around 150ish. F-smash is his main killer. People say it looks wierd. I think it looks awesome. This kills around 115ish. It’s EXTREMELY safe on block and his good speed.

Falco has an awesome jab combo. Fast and reliable. It’s one of the best ones IMO. He can’t be grabbed out of on hit like some of the others and it does decent damage for a neutral A combo. Plus it looks awesome with an awesome name. 100 Blade Spin FTW!!!

Falco still has good specials. Shine has changed, but it still reflects stuff. Falco kicks it now and it knocks opponent’s away. Still comes out fast, so I’m thinking one frame start-up.

Falco Phantasm is there and has less land lag. Mew2King once told me that it’s imossible to edgeguard Falco and now I see why. Phantasm is so fast and doesn’t really leave Falco vulnerable, and since he jumps so high, his recovery has been aided greatly by Brawl’s physics. His recovery is actually decent now.

Firebird is still the worst of his specials. Not much to say except now it does multiple hits to an opponent instead of one single hit.

Falco still has his lasers. Approaching with lasers isn’t that great of an idea since it really doesn’t lead to anything. Falco can Short Hop Double Laser. The first laser goes high and ther second goes low enough to hit a standing opponent. An opponent can be crouch to avoid them though. Falco’s standing laser can be crouched as well, and his shine can be crouched too.

Falco is a very different character now. Instead of using lasers and shines in his offense he uses them as defensive/keep away tools. I find myslef using standing lasers alot more just as a frustration tactic or a quick way to build damage and then shining when my opponent rushes me carelessly. I use SHDL as lock down tactic and keep them grounded and on the defensive.

Falco can also chain grab/ grab combo off of his D-throw. I don’t know how many characters it works on, but it seems to work on quite a few of them. After he can’t CG them anymore he can use a dash attack or a SH Dair or Dash to JC U-smash. The CG can do quite a bit of damage before he can’t do it anymore depending on the character. He bring Snake from 0 to 50 something before he ahs to do something else to end the cg.

Falco can also cancel his dash attack to an U-smash in the opening frames of the dash attack. So he could do a CG into dash attack cancelled U-smash for a nice chunk of damage.

Honestly Falco is very different. His whole playstyle has changed as well as his movelist. But he still a monster. Just a different type of monster.