We did it!.. Except we didn’t. What was supposed to be a short hospital stay for pneumonia caused by MRSA has become a rather extended one as I battle an unending fever. As such, my bills are now more than double the initial amount raised. As such, I’ve opened up a new fundraiser to help me with them.

More details can be found in my posts below.

P.S. If you’re wondering why I’m using Generosity over GoFundMe, it’s because the latter doesn’t accept campaigns from Filipino’s (or at least those without US bank accounts)

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Best Ultimate Tech Talk Hang Out Loud Edition Season V
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Should’ve let me make this thread.

Either way bumping and stickying.

D3v is strugglin'

someone should knock @MrWizard ´s door.
he managed to organize a shit tone of money for the charity stuff, he for sure
can make some noise to get this funded as well.


I just donated $90. Hope it helps. Get well soon man. Someone has to keep @YorKeY in line.

Edit: @LordWilliam1234 , I know you have a good heart too. d3v needs our help man.


I got you later today. This is some scary shit man I hope everything works out.


This fucking sucks man it really does. I put some fundies in there for you. I hope it helps.


If you want to tag people who care thats fine but please dont tag people to put them on the spot.

Didnt have time to put the donation in but be sure i’m hitting this thing up later.


Feel better soon Dev.
Sent some dollars your way.


…damn it, they don’t accept Paypal do they?

I applied for a new credit card which I should hopefully acquire soon; as soon as I do I have $600 to send your way.


I did my part. Is the Filipino FGC aware of the fundraising? I guess that some people who attend Manila Cup might want to contribute too.



Also updated the thread title to best reflect the the sense of urgency we have in this situation.


Get well soon, man!


Brb, checking my asshole for blood.


Saw this on Twitter today. Crazy. Get well man.


Hang in there. Get well!


Doc came in, they’ve identified the bacteria as Methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). This gives us a better idea of what to use to kill it. Whilte blood count is still at 25,000 which is still high. Also it looks like they’re gonna have to poke and drain my lungs.


How the fuck did you catch mrsa and why the hell werent able to identify it sooner?


Jesus bro I hope you’re gonna be okay… I’ll give what I can soon as my check comes in…


Jesus when I was in AIT someone in the barracks had MRSA…

Good thing they I.D’ed it so they can treat


Get well soon d3v