D3Vlicious Builder Feature. Issue#4 Soujistiks

'Sup Tech Talk,
A couple of months back, I decided that the custom stick builders, the guys who I call the unsung heroes of the fighting game community needed a bit of a spotlight on them. Due to this, I started planning for a series of Builder Features on D3Vlicious.com.


EDIT: Front page version. http://shoryuken.com/2011/12/25/d3vlicious-stick-builder-feature-4-soujistiks/

For those who missed the previous features, here are the links

Issue #3: Project GiantSword
Issue #2: VOLTECH
Issue #1: b15sdm

I wish i could afford one of those awesome sticks. Good read :stuck_out_tongue:

Comments on the site are greatly appreciated.

i’'d choose Jdm <3

This rocks!

great idea and article D3v. Congrats B15!

Nice article, it was a good read. I look forward to more.

Bitchin read !!!

It would be better off course if these made the front page.

Good job on this!

I’ll nominate it for a front pager

Sent it into srktips@gmail.com

That’s a thought actually…where the hell did the “nominate for article” button go? >=(

Go to submit tips at the home page. Not sure if the link is still broken. Also try emailing srktips@gmail.com

Ah, danke! It would be nice to have this submitted on the front page, it’s a very good read.

You got Front Page now. :sad:

How come they do News Roundup now?
It would be better as a single article.
Doesn’t mean much.

nice read! :tup:

VOLTECH feature is up.

Project GiantSword feature is up.

Excellent series ! Always a very interesting read.

D3v, you should fix the link, it’s broken (spurious tag plus missing colon)

Need to fix your giantsword link d3v, there’s an extra bit at the start of the URL you need to remove.

Bleh, see above!