D3Vlicious Productions - Stick Art and Aesthetic Modifcations

Hmm, there’s like one or two guys who want that slot as well.

To make things fair and transparent. As soon as slots open up, I’ll post something here and base who gets in the next batch on a first come first serve basis.

Id like to get into the rotation for stick art request…
just let me know what you need me to do

It’s about time you opened up a thread for this. Bumping 'cuz d3v’s shit looks pro, Markman should put him on the payroll, as good or better than some of the recent Madcatz art.
That’s a lot of commas in that last sentence.


Dear MarkMan (aka Kababayan) can I has job pls? kthxbye.

I got a couple HRAP VX SA and I’m very interested.

Since this type of stick doesn’t have a clear plastic top that I can slide an image under, is what you would send me a rigid plastic type ‘’sticker’’ similar to the one that comes on the retail stick?


You can always buy a clear plexi… But that’s a whole 'nother thread. Seek and ye shall find, young padawan.

also i think he said that he’s not printing out the art:

Reading used to be fundamental. Guess times have changed lol.

Ok i’m done teasing.

Clear plexi here:

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Alrite, thanks, I’ll check the plexis out.

Ok, well put me on the waiting list, for two HRAP VX SA’s.


I would like to commission some art from you. I have a TE stick. I would like Top and Bottom art. High School of the dead is what I would like on it.

Okay, my schedules lightened up somewhat and we’re wrapping things up at the office so I finally have time for this again. I’ve sent emails out, some with samples, others with questions.

Also, Andre reply to that last email I sent with the sample Mags/Doom/Wesker art on whether or not you like the changes.

Please read the first post.

Well Im still interested in getting some work from you too.
What should I do to ‘get in line’… If there is a waiting list I’d like to get on it…



Ok thanks… I did in fact remember that post and your response, but I just wanted to reiderate my interest, and to be honest I was hoping that I wouldnt have to rely on simple checking your thread for updates… I was hoping to motivate you into creating a waiting list.
But thats fair enough… sorry for the inconveinece, hope yuo have a joyful day

Keeping it in the forums ensures that it’s fair and transparent.

As for the waiting list. I’d rather not, if at least to encourage folks to try out other artists (support the community and all).

Here’s hoping for much success on this endeavor.

Hey D3V I replied to your email, but my modem is broken so I used my iPhone. Let me know if you did not get it, and I’ll send it from work. If you did get it, let me know if you need more info. Thanks.

I’ll check it tomorrow. It’s almost 11 in the evening and I just got home from work.

no prob man. take your time. no rush here.

Quick update. Due to a project at work that’s needed some emergency intervention, I’ve had to spend most of the past week working 12 hour days out of the office. I’ve actually only now been able to get back to working on the commissions. So I apologize for the lack of contact and any delays that this has caused.

Thats alright… No rush here.