D3vliciously sexy Juri fan-art

Here’s a piece of Juri fan art I did over the week. Pose was copied from a pic of Jenna Jameson from Playboy. Image is censored, if anyone wants to see the full pic use google.

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How did Juri become white? Not a knock on the skill or composition of you, but it looks more like a random white chick cosplaying as Juri, because the facial features are VERY caucasian.

Never really noticed, was too focused on getting the shading down since I haven’t done this kind of thing in a couple of years. I should probably use a more asian looking reference next time.

Hey d3v, the arm… I don’t think it should be bent like that

Sorry d3v, but this pic is not cool for SRK.

SRK isn’t cool enough for that picture.