Da Mexican


Ohwww Ohwww Ohwwww!!!

peace out!





Coolness, dude in the back kkind of looks like the wind guy from fatal fury the movie.


Wadup fool, this is our kind of stuff Baki… Alot of people dont know about Cham Cham and The Mexican. Not to mention Chico Fernandez.:cool: Great work man, you just make me wanna come harder every time I draw something!

peace out
Super Shade


Blood! waddup foolc!

U need to come through so we can scan in some more of that cool ass shaded artwork!

Squad Omaha 4eva! aight’ then!

Super Good!jr.


Nice pic. And Tam-Tam and Cham-Cham are South American, right?


Yeah, but da mexican just sounded coo for the thread. lol

Squad Omaha 4eva, peace out!

Super Good!jr


cool sketch:D