Da Ultimate Crushing 2k12, Germany with TOKIDO, STARNAB & RYAN HART

Wow, what a great weekend that was! Full of surprises, salt and trolling!

We arrived at the venue on sunday morning where a few tired looking Neutrons welcomed us. After setting up the hardware and fighting some (of course unexpected) problems, everything was set to go and Yoshinori Onos presentation of Street Fighter x Tekken began.

After a long break, the tournament finally started and the stream went online. Other than people tripping over our wires twice and crashing the streaming client, everything went pretty smooth as far as I can tell

The matches were in fact very high-level with StarNab, Ryan “Prodigal Son” Hart, Tokido, Elwood Blues and TR|Sheva on stage! Wait, Elwho? Shewhat?

That’s right, these two german players (Elwood Blues = Guy / TR|Sheva = Cody) kicked Tokido out of the tournament. I guess noone expected Tokido to not finish within the Top 8, most would have expected him to win the tournament undefeated or at least lose to Ryan or StarNab in the finals. But Elwood and Sheva put up a good show with Elwood sending Tokido to the Losers Bracket (2:1) and Sheva kicking him out (2:1). Great showing guys, Germany is “not so free” after all I guess

Sadly, both didn’t finish within the Top 3:

First Place: StarNab (Fei Long)
Second Place: Ryan “Prodigal Son” Hart (Sagat / Ryu)
Third Place: SDL MBR (Akuma)

I guess further details on the tournament will follow on the DUC website asap – great event, great experience.

And we hope you guys enjoyed the stream!

P.S: Here you will get to our Stream Archive http://de.twitch.tv/fight_club_nrw/b/306944011

you can finde some pics here