Dabreak jan 23, 2004 mvc2 results


1st - justin wong
2nd - josh wigfall
3rd - mike "infinite"
4th - mynus "chaz"
5th - vince velasquez
5th - willowbrook mathew
7th - the law
7th - ed the head

-fun stuff
-strong showing tonight
-jericho lost to an asian chick that was presumably not jailbait this time
-one cabinet had no unlockable characters, so we had to put over 30,000 credits into it… fun fun
-rob’s got some work issues with his job, so looks like i’m going to be around the weeklies for a bit :wink:
-next week will be marvel again, plus maybe something on the side, just for fun.
-tournament starts at 8pm sharp, as incentive, i’m going to try my best to up the prizes. plus, anyone who enters after 8:30pm, without notifying me will go straight to loser’s.
i will try to get everyone out a little before 11pm so you guys can catch the train, if need be.
again, i’m trying my best to up the prizes, plus get in some random trend just to make things interesting =)
-ok, i need my sleep… it’s going to be a long day tomorrow


mike posting,

josh needs to go to nc:D


phi that pic was good stuff:eek: