Dad takes CoD loving kids to war torn Israel and gets criticized by other parents


I rarely make threads that aren’t about specific games, but this was too impressive to pass up, and I think we can all use good news after hearing about Robin Williams passing away. See not everyone has a punny or misleading thread title.

Cliff notes since most of you SNAAAAKE won’t read the entire article:

And I guess it may be considered cheating since this is the OP, but INB4:

-Parent of the year
-Dad gets The Man Points System (does anyone on SRK even remember that, or did the guy who choked out a bobcat keep them for life?)
-CoD sucks
-Sweden DLC joke
-Dat madden

It’s definitely not a parenting tool available to all parents due to time and money (having a serious talk with your kids before watching Saving Private Ryan seems to work as well according to Reddit), but these kids definitely will benefit and never forget the experience, ironically this type of scared straight parenting seems to be much more needed here in the U.S. than Sweden which is often touted as a much more peaceful nation in most aspects than just about anywhere else in the world. It’s nice to see there are some parents like this guy who do their part to ensure their kids are aware of what’s going on in the world, appreciate their first world privileges, and see the difference between real life and fiction :tup:


The lesson I learned is that the Swedes have a damn good standard of living and long vacations; so much so that Swedish dads and their kids can go on educational excursions that a decent documentary on youtube could’ve accomplished for free.


Shitty vacation unless they got to shoot somebody in the face.


He lives in Sweden so why bother taking a plane to the middle east when he can just cross the street?


I wonder how the Israelis let them visit that place.
on the airport they must have checked even inside their genitals…


Great lesson and parenting, I support that family.


It’s hilarious one of the reactions to his harsh way of teaching is that the dad should be “doused in napalm.” What a good way to punish a father for showing his kids too much violence - think of a very cruel and violent way to die. That won’t traumatize his children at all.


Good parent! Fuck all those COD loving kids who only “experience” or think of war through that game.


Is this weird to anyone else though?

“Yeah. I wanna go back to the warzone.”


Yes because going to the warzone was all the did. I’m sure they made other stops along the way and maybe some of the people they met showed them great hospitality. Don’t be so daft.


No, lots of people want to go back to warzones and help those places.

Nobody sees a town burn down and then go “well I’ll just never think about the plight of those people again”.


Yeah, I get that. I guess it rubs me wrong that they can choose to tour around like that for some reason. Get the horrors of war discounted with your weekend tourist trap.

I still think it’s a cool dad though.


I’m hoping that’s what they meant, yeah.


those parents saying he’s a pos are assholes. This man is exposing his kids to the privelages and the truths of the world. Which make for better children and future citizens that are informed.

Good on him, we definetley need more parents like that

Maybe they would like to go back and help?


Anyone who is able to visit a place in the midst of conflict could probably tour some of the places he toured. They didn’t go out watching firefights. Don’t need to see someone actively getting shot or blown up to see the impact of war.

And let’s change it from war to extreme poverty. You can go to anywhere in the world and see the effects of it. Nothing wrong with that. More people probably should. Put things in perspective for a change.


I don’t like the part where the dad assumes that all kids playing video games think that the game they are playing is real, but obviously I’m not going to make that call with his kids.

CoD is M rated for a reason.


^Ratings have little effect on parents these days. I know a Dad who let’s his son play whatever he wants and the kid has nightmares about Caesar from Planet of the Apes. My parents did care when I was growing up and I appreciate that now because I got to play things I otherwise would have skipped out on because it didn’t look cool enough (aka bloody enough).


Great parenting, imo. What better way to teach children to value life than to take them to where it’s pretty much stolen from you? Video games to glorify war and children start to think in abstract terms when it comes down to it instead of worrying about the real bodies down there.


…how old are these kids, playing a rated M game?


They look like they’re in middle school.

You know, the age kids are when they want to play CoD.