Dad-to-be killed by cops, marijuana madness must end

Cops had a search warrant, claim suspect made a “furtive movement”, and bang! One shot, dead; over recreational use of marijuana. They really need to legalize that shit or something.:xeye:

Damn, the dude was about to be a dad, get married within a year, doing his thing with school and career.:shake:

It seriously need to be more difficult to become a cop. Fuckin jays…

**I definitely don’t agree with smoking weed or smoking at all.
But, like damn that police officer shot to kill.

If he’s gonna fire the gun atleast shoot his leg or something.**

** Columbia Mo SWAT Raid 2/11/2010. Cops Shoot Pets With Children Present [media=youtube]RbwSwvUaRqc[/media]**

^ Pretty fucked up too. That vid was linked in the article. I think there was a thread about it here.

Same here, but I’m not against legalizing it. Weed is definitely not dangerous enough for it to be part of the “War on Drugs”.

Damn man thats sad as fuck… I dont care if it was heroin no one deserves to die for drug use. I’m just gonna keep shaking my head…

yeah see in this case its an open and shut case of the cop being a douchebag

i fucking hate cops. hope he gets thrown in jail and raped in the face

but fishjie, the dude made a “furtive movement”. The cop will probably get a few weeks paid leave.

writes memo: “Do not make furtive movements near police”

see now THAT is police brutality…


not to say that i don’t believe the cops fucked up, BUT what was he doing moving around in the bathroom while the cops are busting up his shit executing a warrant? i’d be interested to see what a non-drug legalization site’s interpretation of the events was.

not to mention that injured people can still kill you.

Trevon Cole… why do only black guys get shot?

with their joints

You’re from NYC, you should know that people who fuck up in High School end up being cops so it’s no surprise that most cops are a bunch of retards and “grown up” bullies.

Guy shouldn’t have been smoking marijuana.

he shouldnt have looked at the cops the wrong way and they wouldnt have shot and killed him /srk

One less drug dealer to worry about…

See, marijuana does kill…

There was a drug dealer?

Maybe he was the drug dealer’s only client and now the dealer is going out of business?