DaFeetLee's Yun Tutorial!



Hey guys!

I know the Yun boards are kind of dead at the moment but I would like to let you guys know that I’m going to do a Yun tutorial on my twitch channel on Monday Sept 8, 2014 at 3PM EST. I’m going to talk about everything in my guide as well as talk about his normals, his neutral game, his divekicks, etc. If you guys have any suggestions as to what I should cover, let me know! It would probably take forever to cover every matchup in the game so I’ll just stick to general Yun information.

My twitch channel is www.twitch.tv/dafeetlee. I encourage everyone to ask a lot of questions in chat while I’m streaming. I don’t know everything about Yun but I’d like to think that I know enough about the character to teach others.

I’ll probably try to archive the stream/upload it on my youtube channel so the people who can’t watch the stream at 3PM EST can watch it whenever they want.


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This sounds cool, I’ll try and be in the chat for it for any questions that come up while I’m watching


In the mean time check his guide out before the anticipation kills you. dafeetlee.wordpress.com/usfiv-guides/yun/


It’s on youtube now!


Thank you so much.


I seen it. It’s a really good SF primer.

I recommend this for
-anyone that doesn’t know Yun,
-For anyone that knows Yun (or thinks that they do).
-Anyone that wants to know how to beat Yun and stop crying about Yun.

But really though, Read his guide and apply your understanding of it. Great work DFL !


Amazing stuff. Thank you for the contribution!


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Seriously though, nice to see you getting your teacher shit on Pat, I might even learn Yun sometime for fun, never really used non fireball pressure string characters before.


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