DaGeDar Balltops?


Recently, Kyle brought these cool looking toys to my attention:


Today I was out running errands and couldn’t help but do some looking for some. Target stocks them so I picked up these:


I was curious if the steel bearing inside was hopelessly epoxied inside, or if it could be extracted and these could be used as some sweet balltops:

Upon close inspection, a seam is visible on both units:


I tried slipping a fresh exacto blade into the seam, to separate the halves , but it didn’t feel like I was accomplishing anything. I then decided to simply drill into the bottom to better understand the construction:

As you can see inside the hole, the plastic portion of the ball is actually hollow. The distance from the outside surface of the ball to the steel core inside is about 0.3". I began trying to pry the two halves apart by inserting a tool into the hole I just drilled and moving it around. The seem barely spread with much force applied. I resorted to inserting a strong blade into the seem and twisting (kids don’t try this at home). I was able to successfully separate the two halves:

I was amazed that the two plastic halves were held together so strongly purely by press fit parts. There are a couple foam sheets that keep the bearing from shaking around inside.


The bearing extraction process is not as easy as I had hoped, resulting in a bit of damage
along the seam:

I suppose there are better/safer ways to reliably separate the two halves, but I’ll leave that to you guys to figure out :slight_smile: That being said, without a way to reliably take these apart without damaging the plastic, I can’t say they are a great option for ball tops. If a great way of taking these apart is discovered, the process would likely be:

  • Drill a hole in the bottom
  • Separate the halves / remove bearing
  • Re-assemble the halves
  • Fill with epoxy
  • Install brass fitting

Let me know if anybody finds a slick way of using these!

Ill have to check my target tomorrow

Thanks for taking the plunge sir. Sucks you had so much trouble with it. How would you describe the texture? Is it rubbery?

It’d be sweet if these could be filled with epoxy like you mentioned with a bat top adapter.


1st of all, are these the same size as the standard sanwa balltops?

They are 33 versus 35mm being the standard size. The difference would not be substantial if they worked.

The green one has a slight rubbery feel, whereas the black one has a very rubbery feel. In both cases, it is merely a finish applied to the plastic and not the plastic itself (which appears to be plain ol’ ABS).

You don’t need those adapters in particular as you can go to pretty much any ACE Hardware and pick up something similar for screwing into wood (in other words, all we care about is the inside thread, not the outside thread).

I gave it another go, this time with the the black ball. I tried using the stronger blade I’d used previous, but rather than prying into the groove, I just tried progresively rolling the blade around the outside seam. Didn’t work. Those press fit locks are impressive. I am convinced you need to start by drilling a hole and then use some other tool that can spread the pieces apart, smoothly but with great leverage.

I’m eager to see how these will look like on a stick! Keep up the hard work, undamned!

Tech Talk vs children’s toy is a 9-1 matchup.

Have you tried very hot water if it’s only press fit it should release when heated slightly perhaps?

The 2nd one I popped open was actually glued on the posts/sockets, so maybe the 1st one was just a fluke or hard to see the glue. I did some experimenting w/ epoxies over TG vacation, so I’ll probably update the info here sometime soon :smiley:

Is the ball too heavy with the bearing inside? If not, can you drill a hole in the bottom, pump it full of epoxy, and put a threaded fitting in there?

I am insanely, stupidly excited if these pan out. I really want to mod some sticks with these bad boys. =D

It doesn’t look like there would be enough clearance from the picture.

Yeah I can’t really tell the distance, but it seems like the bearing can shift around a little. If it can be pushed all the way to the top, maybe there will be enough room…

Would it be possible to hollow the insides enough to fit an LB-30 balltop inside and just stick this on outside with hot glue or something? That would give you the thread for the shaft into this “shell” with minimal hassle, right?

Just when I thought modding couldn’t get nuttier…!

But seriously, good luck with this guys.
I’m sure you’ll figure it out. I think somebody else turned his toys or art into ball handles not long ago.

In the meantime, undamned, please don’t forget about your CPS-2 project!

I’m personally interested in the CPS-2 mod… and I know Kyle’s said his interest was piqued, too.

Can’t you just drill through the bearing to make room? I wouldn’t want to do it, but if it must be done then so be it.

Easier said then done.