Dagger_G's Worst Matchups

Dagger_G and I play 3s and train with each other. Here’s what I’ve noticed about Remy. Of all Remy’s in the USA, I’ve not seen anyone come close to his level so this information is worthy! Here are the characters that give Dagger’s Remy the most problems!

In order from worst matchup.

Ken-3 (Obviously)
Makoto-2 (hahah)
Chun-2 (Better because of sonic boom into SA2 bait)

In other news, Dagger claims to have an easy time against.

Q/Hugo (Okay, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that rapid fire pretty much own them for free).
Dudley (Remy can keep this guy out for the whole round if played right)
Urien (Big chars)
Yang (Okay, I know people are going to object, but trust me… it’s true because of the speed of Remy’s low short and his options against airborn brothers.)


how good?

are there matches on video?

So where is this cat Dagger from?


Ah so thats the kid who represented Remy at the last Evo…good shit.
Yeah I would like to see some match vids if there are any.

where r they? i MUST rip his strats

vids coming soon. we taped some casuals. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The quality is kind of shitty. I tried to do everdreads backdash against genei jin thingy, but it didnt work :(.*

you know how to really partion that shit

dude what joystick do you use?

we both use hori real arcade pro

those are the matches i got owned. if you guys want to see the other ones, i can post them up. but this is a remy forum, so i’ll let dag have his glory :slight_smile: