Daigo: Adon more defensive in nature - better chance in lasting against rushdown characters. Discuss



Recently read some excerpts from an interview with Daigo over on Eventhubs (http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2014/jul/03/daigo-guile-dhalsim-and-vega-are-bad-match-ups-evil-ryu-lowering-his-overall-rank-yun-dudley-cammy-can-win-rounds-about-10-seconds/) where Daigo reckons Adon along with Rose are “strong characters who are more defensive in nature…”. Do you think this is the case? What does he mean exactly by that? I don’t think he is merely talking about DWU. Afaik, Adon doesn’t seem to have any particularly advantageous options to escape vortexes or pressure on wake up than other characters. If he does, I’d like to know about it.


It means he thinks that footsies and neutral game is more important in this version and Adon and Rose excel at that


That’s it? Damn, bit of a let down. I was hoping for something more ‘mystical’.


as mystical as the never before seen umejaguar


This can only refer to ST HK which is something almost no other rushdown char has, a long ass move that can be used for checking your opp’s movement and is one of the best for keepaway.


I don’t really see why Adon would have a better defense with the dwu more than Fei-Long or Cammy by exemple.

He has already a faster wake up (face up) and a dash forward which can avoid some fake cross up bad timed , of course the dwu can help him against the 4 and 5 frames safe jump and tatsu cross-up and other mix-up he cannot avoid without this but no more than the rest of the cast.

I don’t see the dwu being really usefull for him , he has still a weak backdash and a true reversal easy to avoid (neutral jump or backdash) and highly punishable.

Contrary he has a better ground offense with the cr lp at +6 and the corner juggle easier and working against all the cast.


Can you really say he hasn’t got a better defense with st rh? That single button is a wall for a huge portion of the cast.


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