Daigo and Latif's Sticks?

Anyone know what was the sticks those two used? I could recognize every other stick except for those.

Daigo use the new madcatz, which will replace TE in some months. I didn’t see PJS Latif’s one.

Latif looks like he uses a custom-made stick with sanwa parts. And Daigo uses the new MadCatz TE stick that will be released for SFxT.

Did Justin use a Hori VLX?

justin use a Hori V3 SA

Latif’s stick looks like an Arcade in a Box. I’m not 100% sure if that is the case though.

^ this its a stick modded from them

Which stick does Poongko use?

i found it ironic that even tho 80-90% of the entrants had TE’s, yet madcatz wasnt representedin the finals. fuudo with his hori and latif with his aib.

EDIT: it looks like poongko was using a vshg with a korean stick custom mounted. maybe its one of laugh’s upcoming vshg reproductions.

wow i thought they would have custom sticks or hori sticks.

As mangoX stated, most likely an eTokki Omni.

I wonder what would Daigo, mangoX and Latif would actually say if you ask what Arcade controller everyone should use.

I would imagine they will say “X controller works for me”, or “use what ever you feel conformable with”.

Yeah, and what’s more: the button and joystick colors on Fuudo’s RAP3 look completely stock. If that’s the case, dude won EVO on a USD 99.00 controller that features a JLF (I think) and Hori buttons. Not Sanwa or Seimitsu. Hori. Pretty cool. Makes me feel silly for my stick/tech lust. (Looking at you, VLX.)

What are the chances that Hori doesn’t do their best to get Fuudo on one of their current models ASAP, Viewlix layout and all?

I also like Latif’s AIB. It’d be cool if more top players had a distinctive stick to stand apart from the TE army. Considering the amount of time they spend with them, and the amount of customization losers like me put into their arcade sticks, I’m surprised this isn’t the case. Maybe the sponsors require they run stock art and buttons.

Am I also correct in assuming that neither of the finalists were using the Viewlix button layout? (And Poongko, too, if he was using a VHSG.)

Kindevu used a QanBa Q4 RAF stick with Viewlix layout :wink:

what stick does mago use.
if i use the same stick he uses ill get good at fei long

My biggest complaint with TE Sticks is the length If they are doing it for extra weight in the design Id rather them make slots for adjustable weights. I love Hori V3 SA has a really good medium in my opinion. But its all preference some like it that way.

If only these things were actually for sale anywhere. :frowning: I think that’s the prettiest TE-level stick on the market, and the PS3/360 compatibility out-of-the-box is amazing. Since they’re full Sanwa, I’m assuming Kindevu ran it stock. Is that the case? is QanBa sponsoring him? Maybe that’s something you guys should look into…

@cammy-white (or anyone): Does the V3 SA have metal top and bottom panels? And for that matter, does the Q4?


  • Kindevu played with the 2-in-1 version which is only compatible with PS3 and PC
  • Kindevu ran it stock, yes
  • you can get the 3-in-1 version of the QanBa Q4 at focusattack, videogamesnewyork and eightarc if you are in the USA
  • the Q4 2-in-1 features metal panels at the bottom and top, thus its weight of over 3 kg

Q4 Is actually being sold on focusattack.com or something like that.
EDIT: Paxos got to saying it first my bad.

I asked Justin Wong about that once. His answer was pretty much whatever, as long as it had Sanwa parts. I can guarantee the stick he used was borrowed.

And I think the V3 SA has metal plates on the top and bottom. If it’s the one I’m thinking, I modded one at CEO and it did.