Daigo and P-Linking

I was watching some Daigo video today under his gamer tag, Gameinn, and was paying attention to his input on the screen.

I noticed he does P-link his 2 frame link c.mp with lp + lk. He was also P-linking his 1 frame link
c.hk with mk + lk .

So I immediatly hit training room and start doing the same p-link as Daigo to see what was the point.
ps: I usually p-link c.mp with simply c.lp and c.hk with c.mk.

This method seem much better because it assured me to get c.hk or c.mp garanteed on 2 consecutive frames. With regular method too much delay and you have c.hk on frame 1 and c.mk on frame 2 or
c.hk, c.mk on the same frame if you happen to hit both button at the same time.

Method can be use for any other link too.

For me this is kind of revolutionary because I just cant miss my p-link anymore. I can still screw timing but thats another issue…

My execution of 1 frame link after 30 min was close to 100% compare to about 70% normally.

Sorry if this is very common knowledge but for me its a nice discovery.

Beware that gameinn is actually his friend’s tag… The person playing may, or may not, actually be Daigo at any given point.

I’ve wondered about plinking using more than two buttons before. Was still debating whether or not to try using it. May have to give it a serious shot if it looks to work so well.

c.strong is easy enough that plinking with c.jab is sufficient.

i used to use c.rh+forward+short for c.rh plinks, but i actually stopped using it because i ended up mis-timing to get c.shorts…

at least if i get a c.forward, it still will combo whereas c.short will whiff so i think c.rh+forward is good enough to plink if you buffer a fireball or hurricane kick after the plink as option select.

Daigo adds lk on lp+mp plink to make it an option select also. When he is blocking close he ‘mash’ c.lk+c.lp+c.mp.

I want to find a trick for SPS to c.HP, even plinking it is hard.

The great thing is if you hit c.rh + c. foward + c.lk , youre sure to get c.hk on 2 consecutives frames. Wherea with c.hk + c.foward if you mistimed it you wont.

I think when Daigo is mashing c.lk + c.lp + c.mp it not only act as an option select but it also give you an extra frame to tech since you are P-linking your tech.
(as mentionned on eventhub)

For Solar Plexus I watch Daigo and he goes SPS , c.hp + c.mp + c.lp . This p-link again assure you to get your c.hp on 2 consecutive frames !
I’ve try it and it work. Now this is huge since your 1 frame p-link become a 2 frames one 100% the time. This is the only instance where I use
shortcut by holding downfoward , down, downfoward for my Srk.

c.lp+lk+mp is an option select tech which prioritizes c.mp over c.lk, true.

However, it’s my understanding that c.mp~c.lp+c.lk would fail as an option select tech. I could easily be wrong, but I believe that pressing any button before the tech input will tend to invalidate that tech input.

They serve different purposes. It just doesn’t seem feasible to combine a proper plink with an option select tech. It would take some real lab work to find out for sure though, which is beyond me. (Don’t have the tools to do frame by frame analysis of inputs.)

Edit: Well…I GUESS you could do something like c.lp+lk+hp~c.mp… This will result in a true option select tech while also plinking the fierce… And you could do the same with roundhouse. But I think that’s it…

Noon question. What is p linking


crouching strong is not any easier to plink than any other button. i think you are talking about timing. what makes this japanese method so much better is that if you miss on of the plinks (the mechanical timing of your buttons is off), you can still get it off in combination with the third button.

if you miss the plink you will sometimes get another button. with this method you should always get the intended button - still have to time it though.

this is a great find. i wonder if daigo has always been doing this?

do you have any ideas what buttons he plinks for sps into crouching fierce?

do you have a youtube link that shows daigo mashing c.lp+lk+mp during block strings? i dont think he does this because he stands to tech - which is what most of the good players do so they dont get caught in frame traps. i am pretty he only techs where he thinks that a throw is coming, in the traditional way. mashing crouch tech against good players, whether its with an mp or not seems like you could eat a lot of frame trap combos.

Heh, japanese method huh? Well, technically plinking would be a japanese method as well, as it was popularized here by someone that pulled it from a japanese wiki…

I’m sure LB’s comment had to do with c.mp, c.mp being a 2 frame link, as opposed to f+hp, c.hp or c.mp, c.hk. 2 frame links just tend to be pretty easy after enough practice.

My original impression was that daigo plinked the post-sps c.hp with lp. There were a number of instances at evo and other events last year where he ending up doing f+hp, lp XX hp dp by accident. But I suppose he could be hitting the mp as well and it just never showed up.

Sorry my bad for p-linking a tech c.lk + c.lp on frame 1 and then hitting c.mp frame 2. This way we get and extra frame to tech.

I dont understand why Daigo hit lk + lp + mp when he goes for a grab; probably out of an habit when he is tecking. Ive seen also
him using lk + lp + hk ; another mystery …

There is some sense in the madness to ‘mash’ c.lp +c.lk + c.mp. If we hit 2 times very quicky its either going to give us 2 chance to tech or will combo
into the nice c.mp , c.mp combo and give us enough time to hit confirm it into c.hk . How many time did I go for a tech with c.lk + c.lp , have the c.lk come out
as an option select and not finished my combo … guilty.

Check lastest videos on you tube. Daigo goes for c.lp +c.lk + c.mp all the time to tech.

for SPS he p-link his c.hp with c.mp and c.lp .
I am starting to understand why Daigo never drop a link.

Me, personally? Nope. I do think that even the best players make some judicious use of crouch teching though. Just like they do with reversal mashing. Daigo included. They just know better than to abuse it too often when it might backfire.

But I don’t claim to be an expert on what the best players actually do. I’m mostly just trying to give my input regarding system mechanics as far as I understand them.

Welllll… lp+lk~mp almost certainly acts as a plink for throws. Since throws out-priorities normals, what you end up getting is a throw input entered on two consecutive frames, with the mp ignored. So if that’s what he’s going for, then he might just be trying to get a throw in as fast as possible.

I guess you cant p-link for throw since your standing. you will simply get a miss throw attempt on frame 1 and frame 2 will never exist.
But I didnt see Daigo try to p-link his own throw attempt. Simply tehcking all the time with c.lp+c.mk+ c.mp. If his option select c.mp come out , then he will
p-link his second c.mp with c.lp+c.mk.

where the lastest videos post of Daigo using supposed Gammein tag account.

Sure you can… The point is that you’re trying to enter the throw input in just after recovering from something else. Say you did crouch short that was blocked… That puts you at -1. What you might want to do is try to throw the very first frame you can right after you recover. So it would be like…

c.lk, lp+lk~mp

That might ensure getting the throw attempt in as soon as possible. Which might screw somebody over if they attempt to late tech.

But yeah, he could just be crouch teching. If you’re going to attempt to throw out a crouching 4+ frame normal anyway, you might as well hit the lp+lk just in case. It makes sense.

That’s probably just a kara grab input messed up a bit.

Have y’all seen this video: [media=youtube]lCP1sVYUxGQ[/media]? It’s talks some about you just discovered separately.

I really don’t understand the point of plinking a crouch tech. Why would you need to “extend your tech window by one frame”?

Let’s say a block string just happens to put you at 0 frame advantage. Now the opponent does a perfect throw. Meaning he’s facing 2 frames of startup, followed by 2 frames of an active throw hit box. (Not really relevant, but just to be complete. So nothing on frames 1 and 2, and then you’re grabbed on frame 3.)

If you press c.lp+lk on frames 1 or 2 or 3, you’ll probably initiate a crouching short. This should prevent any possible tech. Pressing c.lp+lk on frame 4 through 10 should result in a successful tech. Given this, how could there be any advantage to entering a crouching tech input on two consecutive frames? I’m really at a loss here.

The double plink is valid and just like what is described above.

What he calls a true double plink is kinda funny, because at that point you can pretty much press any of those 4 buttons completely randomly and get a similar effect. :stuck_out_tongue: It’s definitely a valid idea though.


Here u can see an example, he is using it alot

min 1:55 u can see daigo mashing it on blockstrings. Also, u can see he only does it when he is crouchblocking, standing he does regular throw or kara throw with HK.

min 3:42, tech throw comes out (he tried to poke with c.MP and option select did the rest)

On EVO APAC against Chun:


Btw, c.MP has too much priority aye? so, if u counterstun with c.MP u can combo c.HK or c.MK easily aye? (you have more frames to react when u counter hit) then u have a mad option select with a good priority move there. You are safe on block, u can counter almost everything due to c.MP priority (and when u counter with c.MP u can follow with another c.MP, or c.MK, or sweep) and u can tech throw, that’s what I found while testing it.