Daigo >>> Darkstalkers

Daigo, doesn’t play Darkstalkers anymore from what I hear, but when he did.
BOY was this man Broken as fuck.

In Vampire Hunter (DS2), he got a 286 game winning streak w/ pyron. He sat and played for 7 hours straight. nutz.

In Vampire Savior (DS3), he managed to get 99+ game winning streaks with every character in the game. That is just beyond broken…seriously…

I sure as hell hope he can make it to this years EVO, and participate in CigarBoBs VS tourney.

Didn’t someone post an interview that he started playing DS / VS first, and then went to SF?

Or was it the other way around, I forget.

Nah…he started playing SF first. He then started getting pretty good, then he decided to channel his new-found skill into DS and the rest is history…

Ah ok.

Thanks for clearning that up.


Doesn’t CV.com have vids of him owning up with Bishamon in VS?

b-izm, either way, vs will be fun this year. vs has never been repped at evo before, for atleast more than 5 minutes atleast. i remember you trying on your cab at evo 2k3. but yeah, its gonna be awesome this year

I will come play some VS, I’m not that great prolly, but I know some jedah, as well as, Qbee basics. If my one friend comes maybe he’ll play his lei lei. Should be fun.

i want to see kaji at evo and i want to shake kajis hand :frowning:

VS is the only fucking worthwhile Capcom game that doesn’t make me roll my eyes everytime I bother playing it (though I play all of them anyway).


daigo’s not the only one who doesn’t play ds anymore
nobody does

‘He sat and played for 7 hours straight’

I’m sure he’s used to doing that everyday


Keep playing the down syndrome guilty gear then.


tournaments are still held for the game.

you are not everybody. so stop trying to douche on the device of this thread. I will not abide by your srk faggot shit. stay in the xbl board

Daigo played a japanese Vampire Hunter torney last year but he loses.

I had the videos from the torney but i don’t have anymore…sorry.

But the torney was too good!

I hear Daigo’s nuts are made of gold.


Cause you were on them. LOLZ.

Was that from the “2006/02/19 Nagoya Conference”?

I’ve been looking for the final 16 videos from that tourney, but can’t find them. The site that once hosted them lost their file server :sad:

Go ahead and attack MB like I’ll get upset over it :rofl:.

I mean hell I guess I could have said:

But I didn’t.

It’s just some things in a few choice Capcom titles make my eyes roll to the back of my head (You know, the usual shit, A-Blanka / Sak, YCK, Storm, nothing out of the ordinary really), but I still play them seriously and enjoy them plenty.


the funny thing is when gbursine sent me that vid a few years ago, i was told that it was daigo getting his ass stomped in my the bishamon player. now all of a sudden it’s the other way around. Gbursine, can you clarify all that? i thought i remembered you mentioning that in the beginning daigo was trying to do jedah’s inf on anakaris and commenting on how hard it must be since even daigo was only getting two reps or so at a time. did i just imagine that whole conversation?