Daigo Fan Tears Are Delicious, Latif Losing is Not =(

It’s nice to see that Daigo was finally brought back down to earth, and by Poongko no less. I can’t wait to get my hands on the youtube feed for that fight. Poongko beat him so bad it made Daigo look like a noob XD

Still, I would have been happier if someone who wasn’t Fuudo would have won. I was hoping Poongko or Latif would take it home, but that last fight was disappointing. Latif just couldn’t match Fuudo. Oh well, time for me to set the Versus Fei Long on hardest =P

Your thoughts on the finals everyone?

All I have to say on the matter.

I feel so sorry for Daigo, I mean I just can’t help but feel sorry for the guy. He seems so nice and down to earth but the insane amount of dickriders he has just makes people want Daigo to lose lol. I can’t help but admit I REALLY wanted Poongko to win it man. Fuck it, I’m a Poongko fanboy 150%

I was hoping he would lose and he did.

I’m happy.

Fuck fuudo and triple fuck fei long!! I betcha ono giggled like crazy when his plan came to fruition. Distract everyone with the twins so fei long can butt fuck all of us when we’re too busy with them. God i dunno what to say. Fuudo is a strong player with a god tier character, i felt the finals was a let down tbh. Mad props to latif, glad to see the beast slain.

Latif looked like he kinda ran out of juice at the end. I guess the tourney jitters got to him. Fuudo also ofc played well.

daigo didnt take a single round from poongko. only time he was in control was first half of first round. after that it was all down hill. daymn.

poongko or Soo. not sure which is my favorite crazy korean anal rape moment. This one’s close.

POONGKO…is our savior…

I feel sorry for fucktards like you. Im a daigo fan because hes…good. Hes good at the game, he strives to be the best, he doesnt gloat and hes proven himself many times over. Only in the fighting game community its bad to root for the number 1 guy. No where in competitive sports would you find retards like you wanting the Jordan’s, Shumachers, Federer’s to fail.

VF fundamentals > your face.

I think it’s silly people want to see daigo fail simply to shut his dickriders up. The dude doesn’t deserve that kind of shit, even if his fanboys are annoying in the extreme, that’s not his fault.

Your view on sports is insanely twisted. Simply put, you’re a bandwagon fan. You root for people essentially because they’re ‘good,’ because you can’t save face when you see your fan favorite fail. Additionally, he won the last two years, so what’s wrong with getting some revenge? I respect his play, but I don’t have to respect his decisions. Oh, and fuck Federer.

So what I dont care who picks yun is really good but he is very beatable skill>tier I respect all the players who put in alot of work into the game I rather see daigo not using ryu although I wish he alt ryu or ken in the finals for a back up also I didnt really see yun’s winner tourneys if any yun is gonna win its gonna be daigo

Yeah except daigo chose yun before AE came out. And even if that retarded “sell out” theory that typical anti fans use is true, daigo has already proven himself with ryu. So what you people arent satisfied until he wins evo with dan? Give me a fucking break.

Its not like hes a dickhead with a big mouth like fchamp calling everyone faggots. Hes not even like kindevu whos known to have an attitude. Hes just a nice guy whos proven himself to be one of the best if not the best of this generation. Anti fans have nothing else to do, seriously get a fucking life bozo’s.

U all Must Respect Arizona Now Bitches

amazing to watch again lol

If you want to cheer for the number 2 guy then thats great i dont care but cheering for the number 1 guy is not being a bandwagon fan. You just dont like it that he number 1 guy is getting attention and thats pathetic. Fact is daigo has the fans because hes GOOD. Get it in your head! And let me elaborate on good. Good = skilled, feats. other players have not achieved and overall hes a nice guy. Whats wrong with cheering for someone like that?

I agree with Weeks not worth it, I mean put yourself in that situation you would probley feel pretty bad. Hes a great player just had a bad match with mistakes. He is human just like all of us Respect because some people would really want to make it at that far but dont.

No, what’s pathetic is that you’re head over heels about the guy, and you can’t respect that he has haters. You don’t understand that there are two sides of a coin, and every notion of seeing or hearing him not succeed has you raging and cursing out others. Case in point, “I feel sorry for fucktards like you.”

Have you ever met Champ? No, you haven’t. He’s actually a really nice guy, but he’s extremely competitive. Not to mention, have you ever met Umehara? No?
If you aren’t getting the hint, I’ve played and spoken to Champ at SVGL. I also respect Daigo enough to call him by his last name, the custom in Japan, but I’ll forever root for the US against Japan.

Everyone has haters. Does it make any more sense for the number 2,3,4 guy to have haters? What rational explanation do you have to hate on someone? I dont need to respect any hater of anyone. You want to act like a dickhead i’ll treat you the same way.

Who cares if you’ve spoken to them, does that make you more of authority on them? As with most people here im going by with what i’ve seen and read and fchamp calling tokido a faggot is a good example of his character. Has there been any evidence whatsoever of Daigo being anything other than a nice guy? yeah i dont think so.

Daigo fans just change to fuudo fans. haters of the Daigo fans don’t hurt them that much. I don’t know why there are so many hates in this community.