Daigo Fan Tears Are Delicious, Latif Losing is Not =(

its stupid people hate on Daigo for picking the character HE wants to main. stream monster seem to have this entitlement about being entertained by the players. Daigo has been nothing but respectful, but since he wins with a top tier character he should get booed.

They were all great matches but watching Viper EX ground pound all day is a snooze

stay free daigo

its funny you mentioned that ryu wasn’t that good, when he was winning with him everyone was complaining, calling him ‘tier whore’ , you also mentioned that the reason everyone was against daigo was because he uses Yun, if you could go back to any of the past evos, or searched for old threads right after evo 09 or evo 10, you’ll be able to see that the hate was there, its not new, its either you love the guy and want him to win, or you hate him and want him to loose badly,

I really don’t understand they hate for this guy, I mean he is as humble as they come, polite, and I have never seen him act like a jerk or an a-hole.

it’s just like don’t understand the j wong hate. J wong was doing all the right thing for the last few years and people still hate him for some reason. J wong always did good on tournaments, but he got hate for getting 2nd at CEO and now 3rd at evo. people call him free and stuffs.

Why Americans are so happy when J wong lost to gamerbee? it doesn’t make sense to me.

Yeah people hate Daigo because he’s a great player and people are on his nuts. But that’s not his fault, how horrible is Daigo he’s amazing at games and wins! Boo! I’m so glad he lost! That cocky bastard! And then, scrubs complain now cause he uses yun. I’m a Daigo fan boy but I’m glad latif laid it down he’s been the homie forever so it’s nice to see a US player step up.

It’s cool to hate Daigo, but it’s fine to just say “I BELIEVE!” and have Mike Ross nuts clapping on your forehead on every stream. And that’s another thing shoutouts to Kynrr for the smart stuff, people on stream or even at the tournament for some reason believe people are playing for their entertainment. Like when a tournament for a new game like UMVC3 or when super came out. They’re all like “OH I WISH HE PLAYED SO AND SO CHARACTER I CAN"T BELIEVE HE USED HIS BORING MAIN TO WIN” Fucking eat a dick, just cause you like playing Gouken or Dan and want to see their new silly ultras on stream doesn’t mean people who go to tournaments are on there for you to be entertained.

Yeah tournament players should definitely take into consideration what would be exciting for the fans! You people make me sick. :o

This post made me laugh my goddamn ass off. Not because I agree or anything, or even disagree, but the way you express yourself is very amusing, and in a good way.

They should have a tournament where s tiers are banned. Would be a lot of fun. The money would be less, but it would be more entertaining.

Yeah I don’t quite get the jwong hate either. What did he do to piss fans off so much? He’s still an excellent player.

You know I wasnt surprised Daigo didn’t win. He seem to be playing poorly… I heard he was sick. Not trying to make excuses but he didn’t look very well and he was dropping combos left and right, even before top 8. At times he played so bad I actually thought he was sandbagging, but next round he would get his act together.

His consistency was awful, and… he didn’t “get it together” against latif.

Real talk I fought random Yuns on live with better execution than Daigo at EVO. What happened!?

you sound like an fucking scrub. you mad because a tournament player who wants to win use the best possible tool to reach that goal? stfu you noob.

Seth was designed as a character that makes you look free once he gets in. It doesn’t matter how good you are…if you let him hit you he will make you look free. How are you supposed to effectively defend against a character that can dive kick, has the BEST DP, command grab or suck in your backdash? You can’t.

You try to DP out and he blocks…you get blown up. You try to DP out and he DP’s…you get blown up. You try to backdash and he OS DP’s, you get blown up. You try to jump away from his command grab and he DP’s, you get blown up. You sit there for too long and he command grabs, you get blown up. You try to block a dive kick and he jumps over and crosses instead…blown up.

The justin hates stems from the same thing, people don’t like to see the same person win all the time. And back in the day justin was a little bit more cocky and taunted or did something like that, also he played realllllly lame. Which again, people think the guy winning should do something to put on a show and entertain them. Not do whats necessary to win, I go to every evo and I’m always amazed when I’m sitting down during finals or something and hear the scrubs chattering behind me.

Complaining about how they don’t like so and so player cause he plays lame and boring, or maybe they had a bad run in with the player. People get mad cause they go up to Justin when they see him walking around, and they feel he wasn’t nice enough for them or wouldn’t answer some silly question. So obviously he’s a horrible human being.

Fuck no and fuck that place.

I don’t know whats worse? people screaming from the roof tops about daigo losing or people screaming from the roof tops about yun.

I remember an article with daigo and mago saying seth wasn’t that great of a character in AE to Hiropon when he said he was gonna stay with him. Sounds just like when Justin bashed on Adon. I wonder if there will be threads and threads about that…

I couldn’t find the article but here is his most recent tier list.
C: Abel, Blanka, Chun-Li, Cody, Dan, Dudley, El Fuerte, Gen, Gouken, Guile, Guy, Hakan, Ibuki, Juri, Rose, Seth, T. Hawk

After that, the rest of the thread simply doesn’t make any sense.

Oh, and this:



^ My sentiments exactly. “Sold his soul for power” just sounds something straight out of a fucking anime. Seriously, get that shit out of here.

Everybody is just hating on Daigo because he is popular and “we” didn’t want him to have a threepeat. Let’s face it, we always go for the crowd favorites and someone who shows up to our tournaments and winning it seems to put peoples panties in a knot.

My thoughts on finals: I am happy with the results. I wanted to see Latif win in the end after eliminating 3 top players in a row. It would have been something, but I always liked the way Fuudo was playing since Vanilla days. I also would have liked to see Wolfkrone or Poongko win. Poongko with that Red Bull, it gave him wings.

People “hate” on Daigo for different reasons. Some don’t like that he picked Yun. Others don’t like he has so many people supporting him, and some don’t like that he’s better than Americans… I think in general people just like to see the best get beaten. Which is also why a lot of people root against Justin Wong. It’s normal.

I gotta admit I like watching Daigo play myself, but I enjoyed it a lot more when he played Ryu. Not because Yun is considered top tier but because I find Yun to be quite boring.

One thing I can’t stand is when the crowd starts chanting “Usa! Usa! Usa!” It makes me cringe. and often facepalm. Therefore I cheer for the Japanese even though they’re just as nationalistic. The difference is they’re not douchebags about it.

On the other hand, J wong was in the U.K a few years ago and the whole crowd was cheering against him, so that made me cheer for him. I think I just like cheering for the underdog, and whether or not someone is the best, when most of the people are cheering against him, that makes him an underdog in my book.

Anyways, absolutely amazing evo! I was at the edge of my seat and could barely get a breath in for AE finals.
Now the only problem is getting Poongko to attend more tournaments. Easily the most entertaining player to watch. I predicated he would finish 2, and he got 3rd, and he took down the beast! If there’s one match I want to see, it’s the runback between him and Daigo. Hopefully we’ll see him at a lot more tournaments.

Do you think next year Daigo, maybe won’t sign as many autographs or participate in any panels? It seemed like this year he spent more time being a part of other EVO events and working the MadCatz booth, than playing other players. Maybe he lost some of his focus…

Okay, I get it. What I said was out of line and kinda fucked up. And I won’t deny Daigo has a lot of natural skill, which respect can be had for that. But I still preferred Latif to win regardless. I guess with all the hate going on in the streams for different players I got worked up. Admittingly, my reasons for disliking Daigo before were shallow.

Let’s just say I’d rather go into a tournament and NOT have people hating on me for what I said on some forum “Oh my god, what an asshole, he’s a scrub!”. After seeing how most people react to such statements, I can kinda see how it’d be detrimental to myself and others. I’d rather be better than that, man up to my incorrectly placed statements, and just keep what I say more respectful and factual in the future.