Daigo Fan Tears Are Delicious, Latif Losing is Not =(

Brought back down to earth? With one loss? I dont get it. It isnt like he lost to a bum or anything. So what, he didnt win this year, you arent going to win all the time. He had a rough match and go out played, it happens.

As far as the Tier complaints good grief will people stop crying already. Every game has characters that are stronger than others, however the current generation of gamers, rather than learning the game and their character cry and complain for a patch.

Players win matches, not characters.

Sold his soul for power?

Guess what, Daigo will kick your ass just as well with Dan as he would with Yun.

Poongko vs. Daigo was like a dream match, and we got it. :smiley: Poongko is a demon to be sure.

If Daigo stuck with Ryu, he would have destroyed everyone, no joke.

Poongko just straight embarrassed Daigo. Embarrassed him. But on the flipside, I was hoping Latif would win against Fuudo but I felt like he was too agressive during the last match. Other than that, Latif got 2nd which is really good anyways. GJ Latif and Poongko is a badass…

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Are you f’n serious? This thread should have ended after that quote was posted.

I got really fucking fed up with people reading that statement and judging me from that point on. That statement is now deleted. Now read the next post I posted after that that apologized for my words, and you’ll see that I realized the stupidity of that statement. And besides, people are finding other reasons to keep it going besides my statements, so let them have their fun.

It feels like some of you folks are just overanalyzing the situation. When anyone anywhere is doing good for themselves, there’s always gonna be haters, more often than not, because that nigga wants a piece of what you got. (Damn son he snatched up that girl I liked, yo this dude is making mad money and I ain’t got shit, what the fuck man this guy always wins.)

You just gotta accept it and roll with it, which is what people like Daigo, Kindevu, and J.Wong do with class (well Kindevu likes to talk shit and take advantage of it but anyway…). In particular the Daigo hate has been around forever like people have already stated. Him picking Yun, a character that he enjoys for his offensive playstyle reminiscent of how he used to play fighting games back then, was the perfect excuse for even more people to hop on the hate train.

In short to quote Yipes: If you ain’t hated on, then who the fuck are you?

Too many people are directing their hatred for Yun towards Daigo.

Not enough people are realising that securing 4th in America’s biggest FG tournament is still an incredible accomplishment.

I wish he stuck with Ryu and broke everyone down with the basics.

Ryu is ass. He wasn’t gonna stick with Ryu. Ryu is just a typical mediocre character in a mediocre character game that finally has some strong cheap ones.

Ultimate Fanboys vs Haters 3: Overpriced DLC Edition

I’m just glad viper didnt win

According to Seth Killian apparantly Daigo didn’t feel well. I don’t know if that’s true or not but he didn’t play that well. At least not for his standard. Prior to his match with Poongko Seth Killian said this is the best Daigo has ever played, but that’s not true because he was dropping a lot of combos in both Marvel and AE.

Him dropping combo in Marvel I can understand, but even that is strange. However to see him drop so many comboes and make so many mistakes in Street fighter is just odd. In some situations it was almost like he was playing on autopilot to be honest. I saw him do the first two hits of a target combo, have it connect, and instead of finishing the combo walk up and grab. Is that a Yun strat?

Not only that, he missed a lot of links with the upkicks. Also the ex rushpunch after the command grab against Poongko and so on. Yeah, i don’t want to make excuses for him but he didn’t look like Ume from the first time I saw him play in pools. Either way it doesn’t take anything away from Poongko and Latif. Both are beasts! Shoutouts to Korea and Saudi Arabia.


Respect that he has haters? That has got to be one of the stupidest things I have ever read. :rofl:

Fuudo exposed Latif so bad, outplayed him completely.

Latif was burned out. It was a long, nerve-wracking night for him. If he made mistakes, it was very likely because of that.

People need to realize that these guys are human. Even I was burned out, and I wasn’t even there. Dude lasted far longer than most of us would have, especially after taking down both Poongko and the Beast.

Daigo isn’t infallible. People are just salty because when his name comes up they think of winning. He’s like the Yankees/Lakers/Patriots of Street Fighter, and no one likes cheering for the guy that’s expected to win (unless you’re a gambling man). But that’s normal I suppose, people love upsets and underdogs. They love making a big deal out of his losses because the dude hardly ever loses.

What I don’t understand is all the hate he gets for whatever reason. People calling him “free”, sellout, or whatever other shit they want to say about the dude is absurd.

Regardless, I was absolutely shocked at how Poongko blew his shit up! It amazed me to see Daigo get completely beasted. He mashed stuff out, panicked, and just lost all his composure (and that can happen to anyone at any time when playing). Poongko made Daigo look like a day 1 Yun with the shit he was doing. It was pretty awesome!

All in all this EVO was hype as fuck! I’ve never seen a turnout so large before. good shit FG community! :tup:

then Latif will never win any big tournament if you can’t play more than 10 games. ohh wait, Fuudo beated Latif 2-0 in winner before he play any game, he must be not warm up yet.