Daigo footage in ST/3S

someone hook me up please…im really bummed that I didnt get a chance to see Daigo play Ohnuki in ST…hit me back yall

Soon my friend…real soon :smiley:

oooohhh reallly? plans for something and dejinvideos?..:smiley:

I don’t know what your talking about :wink:


Do not post EVO footage. We let people record matches with the understanding that they WONT post them online. If people post online videos, we will ban all cameras at future events, which I’m sure no one wants

Damn right ponder. Don’t let them pimp your footage out.:cool: I just hope people heed you warning, because why would you allow people to record matches and put them on the net when everyone knows your going to make a DVD. I say you sue them if someone does try to punk you just to make an example of them.:cool:

My 2 cents.


since when did srk have a exclusivity off all the footage of the players of people that played at evo? if you didnt wanbt people to have put up footage you should have banned the cameras. To be honest there isnt really much you can do about it but ban cameras from the next srk event I’m not trying to be a dick but be a little truthful, and before I get any angry responses I downloaded mad EVO2k2 matches yet I still bought the dvd even when my next door neighbor had it. Think about all it does is create hype for the dvd and maybe this time srk could host some matches that wont be on the dvd for everyone can enjoy NOT TRYING TO BE A PRICK OR ANYTHING BUT JUST SAYING :slight_smile:

actually – i think ponder is right on this subject – pirates exist in the masses nowadays. i can honestly say i do not own the EVO 2k2 DVD, but have the 3S matches in its entirety through downloading – my only justification is that i only care about 3S, and that’s not really even justifiable.

regardless, people who bring cameras should not have the notion of capturing it and distributing it online. that’s what the evolution DVD is for in the first place. just like bootleggers and theatrical releases. especially in an event such as this, where people attend and record in order to get a better grasp of what top players are doing. srk doesn’t have any problems with personal use, because that doesn’t infringe on their rights to make a DVD and sell it. however, if you’re going to distribute what they put on the DVD a day after the tournament, that’s just wrong.

[no, i did not attend EVO, nor do i have any way of getting the footage that was recorded. so if you think you can say i’m defending them because i already have footage, good try. but no.]

Just a thought…

Shouldn’t the fact that it’s a shaky-cam low quality vid matter? I mean, you guys are putting out direct feed with all the trimmings right?

I understand what you’re saying (you guys=SRK ran the tourney, so you guys should get the loot from DVD sales, vids being released will hurt sales because people won’t buy because they’ve already seen). But this brings me back to another discussion in another thread about quality… Shouldn’t the quality of your product outweigh these random vids? (I guess you DO have to ban release of the semis/finals tho) >shrugs<

Hrm… If I was a top player I would try to forbid the use of my matches on the DVD. Unless I recieved a royalty fee from every DVD sold… :slight_smile: Ack… lawyers at tournaments.

Most of the people with cameras taped stuff that will never make it to the dvd, because they were the only ones that were recording pools and semis. You can bet your ass that John D. vs. John Choi in 3S won’t make the DVD. That said, banning cameras would be wrong but understandable.

…besides, if cameras had been banned at evo2k2, what would that DVD been like?

Why not beat pirates to the punch and post some casual/prelimanary footage featuring some of the top players in their respective game. If it’s not going to be on the dvd anyway, wouldn’t it be nice to chill people out with a few “trailer” matches (i.e. bas perfecting his first opponent in his pool). I’m sure there’s plenty of people out there that would be happy to host srk approved matches.
I realize you owe us two things: jack and shit. It’s just that for most, waiting until christmas to see any of the footage is a bit long. I can only image things are going to take even longer this year due to tz.com and vf.com being involved and the number of games being tripled.
I’m sure you already thought of this, I’ll just shut up now.


There wouldn’t be a evo2k2 dvd if it wasn’t for people recording it with personal video cams. But that doesn’t give people the right to take money out of this site pockets when it’s been the hub and backbone of the tournament scene in the USA. Don’t do it people.

I do like this idea:

This might quench people thirst for EVO2k3 vids for the time being. Maybe releasing vid’s that won’t make the DVD on the SRK will keep the pirates of the web happy untill the official EVO2k3 DVD release in late NOV- early Dec. Well hopefully it will be released in Dec.

My 2 cents.:rolleyes: :lol: :smiley:

Like I said, banning cameras would be understandable. I am totally down with not releasing anything that would possibly make it to the DVD online, because supporting SRK is support the tournament scene.

Also, make no mistake, the players are the backbone of any tournament scene. …and as it stands, unless the players that make up the scene step up to the plate, no one will ever see matches like Vicant vs. Ohnuki, or Dr. B vs Daigo, much less the K.O. vs Justin Wong match where he does the kara-palm genei-jin combo. The only people that were busy capturing all those matches were the players.


ok what i want to know is how the fuck r these people pirates they aint bootlegging shit the dvd is not out they have matches that they recorded. If you want to break it down about piracy and pirates then this website is a pirate for the evo2k2 dvd and the future 2k3 dvd because piracy all breaks down to consent and authorization of use. So basically if the players that are on the dvd basically starting asking for royalties for the dvd then guess what it has to be paid nuff said. There was no disclaimer before they went in with video cameras that they couldnt post or release match videos so guess what tough luck but people are gonna buy the dvd anyway main reason i heard all the footage was direct capture which means higher quality and hopefully we will have some interviews or some better shit .

I agree. I didn’t buy the evo2k2 dvd because it only had the finals for ST. The rest just didn’t interest me. If all matches are recorded, I think the good pre-lim matches should be included as well, perhaps on a second, optional disk. That I’d pay for.

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well as i stated before i 100% UNDERSTAND why they don’t want vids posted but last year i wanted to see my friend play who only lost to soo and row in the prelims in the bracket from hell (what it was dubbed at evo last year) and then he didn’t make the DVD but sonson did…yet last year they didn’t want anyone to post footage…now i never got to see my friend play (granted i could have went but both times more important stuff has come up that couldn’t be gotten around) so why can’t people post up footage of stuff that you don’t plan on putting on the DVD unless you plan on putting everything up there in which case…yay lol

and two all this stuff about bootleg and crap…can’t capcom get us for selling the DVD? lol

blah, blah, blah I say post that shit! I seriously doubt it would be the end of EVO, especially if they produce a quality DVD.


Ponder just stated that those are the rules walter and it was understood. Anyone that cares about the fighting game scene in the USA would respect the cannons request, so they(meaning SRK) can make a profit off of the footage 1st. For all of the hard work they put into this site to keep the fighting game scene alive for places like the ATL South and less known regions is huge. You lived down here before and you know if there was no SRK there would be no fighting game community in the ATL South. I wouldn’t know most to all of the top southern players and I couldn’t get out of town southern state to travel to atlanta for Final Round every year. If it was’t for srk I truely believe that the tournament scene would only be in 3 maybe 4 spots in the USA. Cali or entire west coast, Northeast, texas, and chi-town. I say everyone should respect the wishes of the cannons, but people will be people and abuse anything they can to make a $. If people are going to sell the footage then just know that your fucking it up for future EVO tournaments. Some people just want o have the video of the event itself. Most people video tape themself’s 1st playing in the tournament and then tape they’re favorite game finals and any good match up’s. I said what I had to say about this. I say don’t do it people, but ya’ll can do what you want to do.

if anyone lives up to their nickname, it is daigo . when youll see those 3s matches youll know why


a gree on not posting it…unless it’s not going to be on the DVD thats all i am saying

and i agree that srk is one of the if not the only main reason why the fighting scene is as big as it is…er once was hehe

however i also feel like alot of people felt like last years took to long and that it wasn’t enough…or that they didn’t have all that they could of had according to the people who actually did attend evo

i have bought every tape/dvd since b4 and plan on still doing that…so people should NOT post matches…UNLESS it’s not going to be on the dvd in which case i don’t see the problem with then again they probably don’t know whats going to be on the dvd lol