Daigo footage in ST/3S

Good points SN. The evo2k2 dvd took foreva to come out, but just like christmas EVO comes around once a year and we should wait for it like christmas. I agree with showing footage if it doesn’t make the cut board on the evo2k3 dvd. But IMO I think it’s up to SRK to release those vid’s. Not everyone and there momma to have evo vid’s on they’re hub charging people to view them. I know everyone wants the hot evo vid’s. I sure as hell want to see the 3S footage, but if I have to wait then oh well. Christmas ain’t that far away.:confused: :rolleyes: :lol: :lol:

wow…mad drama :smiley:

Well how about if I release the 3rd Strike 5on5 between Socal vs. TX?..I don’t remember anyone direct feeding the machine they were on, plus they had to pay for their own games…I won’t do anything else after that…unless u guys wanna see stuff like Pyro vs. the Ambulance? :lol:

Ambulance Ambulance Ambulance Ambulance Ambulance Ambulance!!!:smiley:

please do the TXvsFF exhibition. :smiley:

watsup with this pyro and ambulance thing?
can someone explain?

Weed + alcohol = ambulance