Daigo parry 2.0


A new trend in casual matches in Japan has started to become quite popular.
Every mid-level scrub can do a full parry on Chun li’s super. The new trend is a variation of it, rumoured to be started by Boss during casuals.
He would block the first hit from Chun li, and red parry the next hit.
Then, he would intentionally block the next hit again. And parry the subsequent hit.
Blocking the next hit again, and so on… making Ken dance back and forth rapidly.
Aptly named, the boss parry.

Yes. The level of wow factor in Japan has come to this.


That sounds awesome, I need to see a vid…


I’m surprised only one person has commented on this. Then again, I’m very skeptical. Show some proof, or it’s just talk. Personally, I’m calling this fake - NOBODY’S that good. LOVE to be proven wrong though…


Videos??? Maybe I’ll boot up practice mode on AE and see if I can’t work this out.


Not a real match, but iirc its done in a TOSF parry exhibition vid. Sure there’s a rhythm like any multi parry.



also: [media=youtube]yBOxDuWtWcY[/media] (7:38)