Daigo regarding Viper



It’s common to hear people talking about Viper being low/mid tier and her typically not being one of the better characters overall, yet Daigo has listed her as one of the top in the game in his opinion. Reasons ? This seems to go against most conventional beliefs regarding Viper. Comments ? Discuss.


its cause he lost in the ugliest fight ever vs uryo. Showing that viper has about a 50/50 shot vs daigo being as random as possible


…Viper does not have a 50/50 shot.
It’s just that Viper has the potential to beat any character, and any player, once you reach a certain level. An okay Viper has the potential to beat up any top player. With that said, the other way works as well. Viper has the potential to lose to any character, and any character, even if you’re at the top of the Viper world. We’re all humans, so we all make mistakes, and one mistake from Viper leads to a full-on combo by the opposing player. This is why Viper matches are known as “the battle against yourself”.

Also, you can’t forget that certain characters just shut down Viper’s mixup potential by having gdlk anti-everything. If you can’t get mixed up, then it’s automatically a disgustingly hard match for Viper, since it turns into a punishing game more than anything.


Ugliest fight? Were we watching the same vid?


players say things based on their perception.

i play balrog and blanka so in my eyes abel is one of the top guys. Also realize daigo plays guile in 4 and that’s a hard matchup for guile so in his eyes viper is strong.


Back as far as the first Gods Garden tourneys Daigo always struggled against Viper (Uryo in particular). He’s never sure of the match because you never can be really with Viper so it’s probably why he fears her a little. Enough to put her in top 5 of characters it seems.


Dont forget about Kayo Police LOL



My thoughts exactly. I thought that match between Daigo And Uryo was sick. They really got in and out of each others minds constatly.


I agree with this. Claw is the character I use when I am playing most seriously. Due to how badly Chun Li outclasses him in so many departments, including all departments that are usually considered his strengths (i.e. footsies, normals, air normals, tick throws) I cannot believe how anyone would exclude her from top five… but I realize her dominance over Claw colors my opinion.

I think its the same with Daigo. If he played Honda/Dic/Rog against her, I doubt he would say that. I don’t believe Viper is top five. Not at all.


daigo was on opium


I give any player that main’s Viper a lot of respect because of the degree of skill and execution needed to be efficient with the character. I don’t feel that Viper should be considered as a LOW tier character but… she does have some ass match-ups…

Pros: Damage, U1, DP (h.TK), mobility, mix-ups.
Cons: Bleeds, poor focus attack, strict execution for advanced combos, has a hard time against many charge characters (Bison, Balrog, Honda)

The good outweigh the bad imho.


Damage, i have to agree, but there are other characters with similar amount of damamge that does a lot better, ryu, ken, cammy, akuma.
Connectivity of U1 is good.
Dp is ass…can be thrown and is like 7 frames start
Mobility yes…
Mixups are decent, still not as good as true vortex characters


Also add the fact that you have a normal which hit box don’t even reach the full length of the characters leg(c.mk), Every single move you have is slow as shit and will get beat out, When you drop ANYTHING you lose half of your life instantly against any competent player, No wake-up without meter, and No huge damage without meter(unless you get like FFF mp tk).

The cons outweigh the pros imo.


Viper is top tier in very skilled hands. Mind you, this is a small number of people. Spacing and timing has to be painfully precise in order to win with her because it only takes one or two mistakes to lose with her. The rest of us can attest to constantly losing with her, especially in a tournament setting.


but that isnt worth shit in SRK. It doesnt matter if a top player does godlike shit all the time with said character. If the average shit player from SRK cant do well with said character its an ass character incapable of being top tier.

which creates a fucking hilarious paradox

tiers are based on top players, yet if the average player is doing great with said character said character isnt great.


Viper offline CAN be top tier, viper online… not so much.



if any of you think that her cons outweigh her pros, drop her. Or continue playing with her at low level. Thanks


lol posts like these are always great. Nothing is worth shit on SRK, this seems to bother you a great deal though.

Top Viper players are always doing gdlk shit with Viper, but they definitely aren’t making top 8 or even making it out of their pools at majors most times either.

Love the elitism you guys want to show about a character I doubt you’ve actually put through the tournament meat grinder time and time again.

Viper is ass, but then again most characters but the top 10 are, so enjoy playing a nowhere close to top tier character and stop trying to talk about it being the players fault that she isn’t. Hopefully AE will bring better tidings for the crimson mama.


Haha, yeah right. From the outset Capcom has shown that they obviously never meant for Viper to be high/top tier. Yeah she is decent, yeah she is awesome to play, but Capcom has had plenty of opportunity to make minimal changes to her hitboxes/frame data, yet have neglected to do so everytime.

Fixing her cr. mk hitbox would fix her, subtly improving framedata on bk’s and/OR knuckles would fix her. Plenty of shit would fix her. Improving the hitbox on her U2 though? Rofl, plz, better spend that time improving Fei’s normals!



Anyway, Daigo seems to have a problem vs Vipers, maybe because she’s not a typical SF character, I don’t really know. While I think Viper is definitely good, I don’t think that she’s a top character.