Daigo speaks about HD Remix


Small little interview with Daigo and his HD remix impressions on Sirlins site.


Said that if the game was released in Japan, it would be a big hit.
Sirlin must feel his work has been vindicated.
Here is hoping for a Japanese arcade release with a balanced Akuma.


this would be too hype, i’d love to see how the japanese play this game. ideally they would come to evo too and try to take our fight money.

my money’s would still be on afro though, guy is too beast.


I really doubt that Capcom will ignore their new baby SFIV for an arcade version of HDR, it might happen in Japan people still play Hyper SF2(SF2:AE) a monstrous unbalanced mix of CPS1 vs CPS2 versions.

If it does happen I just don’t want Capcom JP to change the game ! having 2 versions of Remix is a big NO !


Well you wouldn’t necessarily have to buy a new game. Any additional changes should be DLC.
I just feel if HDR is gonna be the final version of sf2, the whole cast should be tournament playable. And the only way it seems, for capcom to throw more money at the game, is to have a japanese release.


I checked out some Nico Nico Douga videos of HDR players in Japan, both casual play and also a video detaling all of the changes… and 98% of the comments were extremely positive… like “Holy shit this is awesome”.

I’ve also asked arcade players about it, and they said they’d play it if it was released.

Capcom JP doesn’t realize what they are missing out on.


Can someone clarify why HDR isn’t certified for a Japanese release by Capcom JP, I was surprised cause I thought it was only a Sony PSN Japan thing but after reading that it’s not even out for XLive Japan !

Is it the graphic quality…buggy porting ? or SFIV killed any HDR hopes for Japan.


No concrete evidence but some people say it’s due to it being American developed. I doubt this, since Bionic Commando: Rearmed and Bionic Commando came out in Japan and they were foreign developed.

IMO it has something to do with a lot of players playing arcade only and also downloadable titles not being as popular. (Mega Man 9 only JUST came out to Xbox and PSN in Japan a few weeks ago… though it has been out for wii for a while.)


There’s no way they’d port this to the arcade, but I’d say they’d get this on PSN/XBL eventually. It’s not like digital distribution costs anything compared to retail…


Why wouldn’t they port it to the arcade? A console release would not get the attention an arcade release would.


It would be more trouble than its worth. The japanese need to get with the times anyway.



Everyone else needs to do a timewarp to their time so we get more arcades. :smokin:



Okay, seriously, why is there some weird domination syndrome between us and Japan? They don’t HAVE to play HDR and they certainly don’t HAVE to get with the “times.” They have been doing just fine without our lead. It would be great to have an HDR arcade board (READ: I’d buy it in an instant) but if not, they still have good ol’ ST. It has been doing them fine all this time and with comp as lively as they have it there, who would blame them for not caring about console releases?

Srsly guyz, trix are for kids.


Only released in america?

Also, explain BT’s post please.


Yeah, paying a buck per play (I think it might be over that now) in japan for old games like ST is AWESOME. Arcades are great, but Japanese players must spend half of their fuckin paychecks at their local 'cade.


Could it be Japanese players and arcades are more civilized than American ones? In nj at least, arcades = fights and trouble.

a few times when I was younger and terrible at street fighter, I almost got in “real” fights because I was winning. Do things like that ever happpen in japan? I know of a few arcades around here that closed cause of violence, drugs, and even gangs…


Arcades definitely attracted that derelict culture in the US, but I don’t think that was the cause of the downfall.

Arcade game manufacturers charging $20k for the latest and greatest cabs and in turn the arcade operators passing the proverbial buck onto us did it in IMO. In the late 90s when you could get an arcade perfect (or good enough) port with more/better features on console, arcades just dried up. Hell, the only reason Jap arcades are still standing is because everyone is still addicted to those retarded Pachinko machines.

Then again, the only reason 99% of the arcades left in the US are still up is because of those damn ticket games and DDR/Guncon games.


yeah but this time we’ll do the same thing they always do to us and wait like a year so USA can get so good at it that by the time they japanese get it, they wont be able to keep up with us :rofl:


oh god…

Please dont start that “relbalance Akuma please!” bullshit.
Akuma is supposed to be God tier.


By any chance does anyone know how much money you get if you win hdr for evo?


It’s a percentage of the money from the total number of entrants. It changes for each game every year because it’s totally entry dependent. Most tournaments work that way, especially ones run like EVO.

Some tournaments can give out prizes, like a console, or a bundle of items. Some have static winnings every year like Super Battle Opera. And some companies like Sega will give you all sorts of goody prizes including a special character rank and in-game items if you win a Japanese Sega tournament.