Daigo, Tokido, Mago SSF4 AE Tier list 2011: Sakura B+



I remember when I posting bitchin about Sakura’s rank awhile ago lol sry. Like I said before, I was a lil upset. I got a lot of hate for even playing Sakura, and everyone thought she was just ass…until I showed everyone otherwise. I went to tournaments and started to show people how good she can be. I do very well with her and till this day and I have never stopped maining her. In AE, it seems that 3 of the top players in Japan(Daigo, Mago,Tokido) have posted a tier list for the game. Now, I was still going to play Sakura as a main no matter what, as well as Yun who is my favorite SF character.The tier list doesnt mean anything to me as you can see because of that. But I was really shocked at where they put her. I knew she was going to be better, but I was shocked and happy that I didnt switch from Sakura ever. http://www.eventhubs.com/news/2011/jan/30/complete-ssf4-arcade-edition-tiers-daigo-mago-tokido/

What got me is, from what I hear Mago teir list is the better one. If that is true, that puts Sakura as the 13th best character in the game. Over noticeable charaters: Rufus, Bison,Honda,Ryu,Abel, and Guile. What do you guys think of this?

Feb.3 New Interview! Daigo, Tokido, Mago: Talk about Sakura

Recently Sakura seems a bit dangerous, doesn?t she?

Mago: I?ve been thinking that really, Sakura is strong as hell, isn?t she?

Daigo: Yeah her attack power has been buffed a bit.

Tokido: Her ability to buffer Shouoken off of Crouching MK is definitely strong.

Mago: Crouching HP as an anti-air is crazy good too, even if you use it only once, most, if not all characters will eat it. Sorry to change subjects, but I feel that Adon is a really tough match for Fei.

OK, my question is: How are they just now knowing about cr.mk into shoryu? Im sure they knew or is it more powerful now?

**Uryo Sakura Play! See Sakura’s Buffs in action… **

Watch how the best Sakura in Japan uses Sakura’s new buffs clear as daylight. Shoutout to RyuKen9 For pointing this out!


epic win…


That is a very interesting find. To be perfectly honest I think one of the main reasons so many people rate her at low tier is because a) they hardly ever see her in arcade play (when compared to the rest of the cast) and b) unless she is your main, no one really understands her.

Hell, even I hardly understand how to truly use her, and I’ve been maining her since vanilla.


+1, Sak’s pretty much the only character that makes sense to me. I’m looking forward to owning Rufus (hopefully).


i literally only know how to play sakura lulz. in fact i just learned that you have to do a DP motion to do akumas flip kick the other day.


hah, thats kinda like me. i was trying to play feilong the other day and couldnt figure out his flame kick for the life of me. finally looked at the command list and saw it was a backwards shouoken.


Looks like I’m gonna have to start maining Fei Long.

lol jk. I can’t possibly trust any tier list that says Hakan is better than Ibuki.


Lol Mingo…Nobody said Hakan is better than Ibuki.These tier lists are in alphabetical order,when it comes to tier c.But yeah,i dont think that ibuki is tier C.With the buffs that she got on her normals,which lead to better frame traps and the insignificant (imo) damage and stun nerf on neckbreaker,plus the fact that Acqua recently made top 8 at NSB (and could have done better than that) with Ibuki,i would place her B or B+ tier.I think that she is still a mid tier character,with the potential of becoming an upper mid tier character,since most of the characters that she had problem with have been nerfed and she gained few bad matchups like the Fei Long one.Sakura on the other hand,is definetly B,B+ tier.Her buffs have greatly improved her game,from what i’ve seen and she’s one of the shotos that retains her air tatsu escape option when cornered.


Wow, Sakura good in AE, who would have thunk it?

(told you so :P)


After getting my ass handed to me to an A-ranked Chun last night, I wondered why I even picked up Sak or grew an interest in Ibuki. The way I play has seems to fit a lot better with Ken…


wait people actually thought sakura was gonna be bad in arcade? she wasnt even bad in super.


Not very surprising, to be honest.


I think that’s funny cuz the same thing happened to me (the Chun was a B though as I’m a C+) and she just raped me with her footsies. I couldn’t do anything to get in.


Curse you editing the first post without me seeing it :stuck_out_tongue:

Seems like everything they mentioned was already in the game previously… shrug


@lithiummethoxide and AOS

You pick Sakura because she is fun to play,not because of some tier list.Chun li and Ken are stronger than sakura anyway,but that doesn’t mean she can’t beat them.I really like ken’s playstyle ,rushdown in your face,but chun li is one of the most boring characters ever.If you want some easy wins though,go ahead and try her…I think with these buffs sakura has become a tournament viable character and her damage output was already great


that’s very true, I get a great deal of satisfaction when I can do 2 tatsus in a loop and end with a shou, but outside that, I can’t do jack-shit. I want to be able to shine even during a reset situation.


i wonder if her power level is over 9000!?


I’m loving Sak in AE!


Woa. Dude. I’ve been playing her back since Vanilla. It wasn’t like I saw Daigo said she was good and I was like “NOW IS MY TIME!”. I realize that my quote of AOS- makes it seem like that though. So nah dude. Tier lists are for scrubs. It’s just funny to see what people think of her.


I saw Uryo beast with her and i started using her… haha it’s like 40% truth… the 60% why i wanted to use sakura was because i was getting bored of using ken so when i start winning a lot against my friend i go casual to the max and start picking random characters… sakura began to appeal to me more after learning that there are plenty of ways to get shinkuu out over haru (in other words, when super came out). Then i learned sakura was one of the non-charge characters with fairly easy combo execution, like ken, so during casuals i picked her more frequently.