Daigo video



omg who made this.


Hellz no, is that Mr Wizard running at the end of the video? also, who was the other guy? the one that fell down?.




That was waaaay too funny. I loved how it kept getting more and more random. This is easily more epic than the full parry vid.


wong just sent me a txt, he has requested I make a video for him. Here we go!


So random.
And god shit to mr.Wiz for winning that race.


ari with the abel roll… :slight_smile:




lol at the roll cancel.


i dont get the seth splash thing




That video made me happy. Mostly the ST part, beer part and the awesome MJ song that I haven’t heard in years. Actually, what the fuck am I talking about? I’ve watched the video multiple times, the entire thing is epic!


holy shi6t hahahahadvnsdsdj

best video ive seen in weeks ahahah

that seth @ the end was just too much




that made me laugh hhaha


Nice lol.


Good Video
Evo and gaming is all about to have fun


One day, I’ll really learn to stop reading damn Youtube comments.

Haterade in that section of the vid already. :lol: :wtf:


LOL here we go!


favorited…for how vastly gay this video is.