Daigo VS Jeff Schaefer 1 hour video....and

Since I was such good friends and a good competitor of Kuni Funata, so long ago. LONG time ago, I asked him if he could invite Daigo over to play some AE edition VS me.

First off, I have to thank Gerald Abraham, Mike Watson, Shirts, and Jason Wilson for warming me up so that I could gain some form back. I learned alot. Like 360’s suck, and Super turbo characters are really dominant. I did mediocre. BUt then it happened. I starting feeling good, and starting beating watson about half the time with the OG style I used to have. At first, when jason, and Shirts were there I had to ask Mike to “let us poor mortals have a chance” because he was mopping everyone like nothing! Damn Mike…the guy is a legend. But then my ego kicked in, and I started playing supremely with GUILE and Super turbo old Sagat.

Guile felt like he had been there all along, I have mastered that character. Old Sagat, so so. But decent. I missed alot of uppercuts from the stiff joysticks.

So Daigo comes over, and we start playing.

I will list my character first, and his second. Like Ken VS Ryu I would be KEN.

  1. Sagat VS ST Ryu I won probably the majority of this matchup. he plays alot like the style of Tomo and Thomas from a long time ago…which is also, my style too, almost exactly. This style we both employed is a strategy of “never jump forward” or don;t try to. So we might have done it 1-2 times a round. With Sagat you want to pound him with fireballs, force him to spin kick over it, and or jump forward, and when he jumps is free, just trip him when he lands…he can;t block. Jump roundhouse right away hits spin kick. Its a lock for Sagat.
    Guile VS ST Ryu. damn, this guy is good. Similar to Tomo, in that everytime I push low forward and I make the mistake of not touching his body…I get tripped. And this game is FAST. So he is like Tomo in that respect, and Mike. I won the majority of these matches too, with a series of strategic traded hits and jumping up over alot of his fireballs. Of course, I got he lead out and broke out the OG style cheating method and threw him quite a few times, as he threw me quite a few times. I felt good, this was the best match.
    Blanka VS ST RYU: man, ST Ryu is not like Hyper Ryu. ST Ryu just murders blanka. Blanka is not a good character anymore…he really isn’t. I thought he would be good, but he SUCKS. He sucks VS Super turbo Chun Li too, as Wilson demonstrated. No priority, no super thats decent, and on and on. Daigo was unreal man. He is one of the only people on earth that can execute moves on the top top level. Like for example, short, short, short then super? Or short, short uppercut? All from ducking? Thats great.
    Sagat VS ST DJ. Hes pretty good at that match, but I got the timing down really good and know the match. I know when to throw the fireballs and when to hesitate. So I got him there.
    Guile VS ST OG Satat: Incredibly, I got him a few games with my Guile VS his Sagat. I know that match beyond belief from Tomo doing it to me all day. I could not beat Tomo’s guile with Sagat either. But its wierd. I could beat the living shit out of Thomas Osakli’s Guile with Sagat. Daigo didn’t know the match as good as I did, but he did some crazy crap in there thats just nuts. His uppercut timing is flawless.
    Sagat VS ST M.Bison. It was close, but he got me. He had some crazy ass combo’s and stuff, flying around perfectly, good player.

We went back and forth for about an hour? maybe 45 minutes? Long time. about 25 games. I have to watch the video see how many times I lost.

I watched the videos on here before I went down there, and it looked like I was playing myself. he plays exactly the same,e xcept when he hits you, he does better combo’s than I do. Hes very technical. He is what I call a “king” turtler" which is how Thomas was, and Tomo. They get the lead, sit back, don;t jump forward, and just eat you up. I was AMAZED at this guys patience. I was pissing him off with OG sagat, just tiger, tiger, tiger, forever for like 30 seconds straight, and he was losing by like a sliver. And he didn;t jump forward until time was running out, and then even then, it was perfectly timed.

So there you have it. I came into good form when it counted, and did really well to represent the OG USA player.

When you guys see the video’s it will be fun to watch. Your all going to laugh, we both played super turtle style and carefull. Felt like a tournament in 1992 again.


is this going to be capped and uploaded?

is there a link?:o

^^ agreed,I’d love to see this as well,any links?:stuck_out_tongue:

wow old school

Was daigo playing on american Joysticks or his own stick?

Schafer, it was very fun playing you…it felt like World’s Finest even though back in the day I was playing Mk while you guys played Sf there.

We definitely need to play more. Are you going tonight? Just let me know.

american. he seemed to have trouble doing charge moves, but his ryu seemed smooth

So when are we going to see this thing?

Fuck all yall for not waiting until Thursday to play. That’s all I came here to say. Oh! Good sh*t, Jeff. OGCali representin’.


Oh WOW, can’t wait to see this vid. This is like my dream come true (almost), Old School US master out of retirement against Diago!!!
Gutted to hear HF Blanka doesn’t hold his own nowdays but cant wait to see CE Guile vs ST Ryu. Would have loved to see HF Ryu vs ST Ryu, HK thru Super n all that, do you play HF Ryu Jeff?

Damn that sounds tight. I hope ur entering ST at EVO



Yeah, what up with that? Time to throw down! Thomas Osaki came to Evo2k2. It’s time you made an appearance in the tourney, Jeff! Thomas’ comeback failed to make real story. Maybe you can make the finals! THAT would be a story.


from what i remember, i watch about the last 15 matches or so. daigo in the beginning seemed to play like whatever, using a bunch of non serious characters like bison, thawk , deejay etc. that jeff guy wasnt messin around though, and was winning most of these games with champion edition? guile. then i think daigo beat his guile with ssft deejay, then jeff switched to sagat (i think ssf2 version) and fireballed daigo to death. i think that got him kinda pissed, and he switched to ssft ryu and went on a bit of a streak. he beat jeffs sagat, blanka, rog. then jeff switched back to championship edition guile again and beat daigos ryu, sagat , rog? and then it was over. good matches, jeff seemed like he knew the match ups a bit more than daigo, but daigos a beast and his execution and combos are insane. good stuff

where is the vid?

why not just play ST instead of AE???

I don’t care what anyone says. ST is IN AE and AE has a little extra. I’ve only played it once but, if the core of ST is in there, I’d take AE…minus WW mode. The options are just better.


Where’s the vid son? :stuck_out_tongue:

The matches sound cool.

You got it right. I think I kinda hit a nerve with him when I was OG sagat VS his Deejay. I worked him like nothing. I think he had some emotion when I got a few throws offensively with Sagat. Nobody does that. LOL.

Yeah, then I had a few games where we both had 0 health and he got the final hit with a super, and then I got a few games when I had no health.

Then I used Guile, and at the end, he was trying pretty hard and he really couldn’t beat me with anyone. I think I tought his Ryu/Sagat/Bison a hard lesson with my style of Guile. Or rather, the Jeff schaefer VERSION of TOMO’s guile, that I just copied.

I think I knew the matches better than him, but damn, did you see him go to work comboing me when he even touched me?

I was in awe. I was dazzled a few times in our match. Shook my head a few times when I was playing Blanka. For example…

I usually kick people’s asses VS HF Ryu with Blanka. I jump up over every fireball, and its like you can’t touch me. Daigo? is he going to fall for that cheap shit?

I BARELY leave the ground, and he is already juggling me in the air with that ST Strong thing, then im in the corner, and its time to throw Schaefer into subbmission and when 1 low short hits, its death time.

Damn…No more Blanka for me, thanks! ROFL. Thats why I picked Guile. I sensed his weakness was my style of play. I played just like him, I turtled. However, he didn’t expect me to know the offensive game as well as I do, and I tossed him several, several times in some skilled exchanges where the throw was hard to get. I even air tossed him out of a spin kick once, early on in the matches.

I was wondering what he was thinking when he picked Sagat VS my guile. I guess he didn’t know USA players like me know that Guile dominates that match overall. If guile plays with only 1 mistake a round, its like impossible for Sagat. You can pound him with fierce from like 4 inches away everytime he throws a tiger!

Its going to look pretty funny on the video’s because everytime I toss him or trip him youll notice I got right next to him with guile, and then he uppercutted me 100% of the time.

I would have done low forward, standing strong, standing blade kick on him the 10x I tried it, but he was 10 for 10 on wake up uppercuts and throws.

because he has mad skills. I format the video’s on Sunday, then I will display them for you all.

I will not be at the Evo thing. I am and old school player, not a ST player. If they had a tournament on CE, HF or Super, I would be hard to beat, (maybe) but ST? I just don;t know the characters well enough.

Shirts could beat me 10 out of 10 right now on that game probably, and so Could most good players. I would have to practice it for a month or so, and since AE is out, I see no purpose.

I don"t play to be famous, or to impress anyone. Even though I have won more tournaments in my life than everyone with the exception of maybe 1-2 people in the USA, I will let my record speak for itself. Practice breeds would have, could have, should have talk. People can work me in practice all day. Come time for tournament, I play real and I always was at the Top.

Thanks, please e-mail me (the hoster of vids) sales@importbuilders.com

So I can tell you where to DL them from, and you can host them up after Sunday