Daigo Vs Justin (or should we call it fanboys12 vs fanboys12)

sorry for my bad english. i hope you understand what i mean

even if i played sf2 as a kid back in the days (im 22 now) i never was really into that “pro” gaming or beeing so good that i would go to tournaments. so i dont really know a lot of pro players.

except daigo and justin (ok for sf4 some others too)

but 1 thing i found out rly fast…

all the hate against justin wong (and against daigo too sometimes)

i just wanna know WHY…

  1. all guys who insult them = some little kids aka fanboys @rage?


  1. did i miss something? like an interview were daigo OR justin were saying something bad/wrong and the fans are still mad


  1. simply because of the look of justin etc (we all know hes no model) which would be sad too…

all this hate i see mostly @youtube comments OR eventhub were i read the news sometimes (or some days ago @ the level up event)

i mean yes. we all have our favourite players (in every kind of entertainment stuff/sports) but most of this insults are just too sick.


Haters gonna hate?

we should definitely call it fanboys12 vs fanboys12

fuck you
nough said

What does all that have to do with SRK GD? What’s Street Fighter? Who is Daigo? Why should I care?

Do you really expect me to read youtube comments?

In before invisible fadc delete.

hi daigo fan

Daigo doesn’t care about black people…and Justin Wong reps the Tea Party Movement…


J.D bets on winners. Free money.

[quote=deit;87826473. simply because of the look of justin etc (we all know hes no model) which would be sad too…[/quote]

That made me lol. Fat kid is fat.

just from reading this site and watching random vids, here are some observations:

J. Wong gets in people’s faces when he wins against them.
J. Wong wants characters banned from games because they are "boring to play against."
J. Wong sold his name to a company that sells modified game controllers for cheating in tournaments.

Daigo is Japanese.

Why is this in GD?