Daigo vs. JustinWong match thread

Since the original thread is full of fanboys going “GODLY DAIGO DA MAN”. But let’s take a look at the match from a 3S player’s point of view.

Other options available to JWong

-turtle for another 26 game seconds
-cancel a jab fireball into the SAII
-go in cr.forward > SAII
-trade another hit

Now let’s look the first option. From the beginning of the Moment #37 video, (44 seconds left) to the random SAII (26), JWong roughly took 25-30%life of damage. Mostly because he was forced into the corner. Could he have survived another 26 seconds?

He couldn’t random super Daigo because Daigo still had sufficient life remaining, but that’s soon to be changed when the two crouching fowards traded.

At this point chipping Daigo to death has become one of the more obvious choice for JWong. I truly think cancelling a fireball into the SAII would make the parry more of a challenge. Trading another hit is also viable, but the decision was made.

The match was seemingly over, but there was ONE more thing-
Could JWong possibly super jump-cancelled the last (parried) hit of the SAII? Even the slightest of a lift of the ground would help.

If you pause the video at the moment of the last parry, the answer is YES. There was about 5-8 frames for JWong to jump cancel.

But of course, the crowd’s cheering probably overwhelmed him at the point.

Anyways, can’t wait to get the DVD and see some more of these amazing footages~ Peace.


Chun can’t superjumpcancel a blocked or parried SAII upkick.

Ha. Hm.

You’re right.


Well if Justin did a fireball before the SA2, Daigo would have had time to react and there would be a window to jump straight up to avoid the whole thing.

it was a good match i’m not goin to ride daigo’s dick like everyone else. but i’m glad justin got that ass beat?cuz he ain’t goin to do another random super again like that when he’s win:lol:

i heard justin did a random chun super in cvs2 earlier on vs eric lee to chip him to death , and eric lee JD’ed the whole super and killed him with a level 3 (justin still won the match). so yea… NO MORE RANDOM CHUN SUPERS for him :stuck_out_tongue:

The reason he did the super by itself was that he was probably in a panicked state and not clear-minded enough to mix it up with a separate hit. Sometimes desparate players don’t choose the best option under duress.

Not like I wasn’t cheering for daigo.

maybe Jwong was scared of Daigo actually landing a hit on him as he came in…think of it this way…as Justin gets closer to Daigo, he gets within low forward range, which Daigo does okay distance-wise, jumping wasn’t safe either against Daigo.

I’m surprised Justin didn’t try running away for the rest of the round. He did that to KSK 2 years ago at that Evo.

Attacking Daigo means you might be attacked instead and cause the game to either be even or “they’re in the lead now” kinda situation.

I’m guessing one low forward from Daigo, super into the corner where there’s no tech. roll possiblities and Daigo has advantage…
Daigo put Justin in the other corner and took away 25-30% before, why not do it again?

my 2 cents
any thoughts suggestions, difference of opinions?

There were many options jwong COULD have used but I put it off to either laziness or GROSS underestimation of his opponet . Certainly the match was insanely high in stress level (come on it’s Daigo ) and he may have just been too burdened with the thought of losing to think clearly (Daigo was putting MAD pressure on jwong in the corner) and panicked into the poor decision . Obviously his choice would have been a good one against an average player but no one should underestimate the possible power in the Parry especially in the hands of Daigo .

Best scenario for jwong would have been to maintain turtle status untill Daigo closed to cr.forward range then go for safe cr.forward (hope for another trade) or if blocked cancel into jab fireball cancel into SAII …of course random down parry into SA3 would have owned that too:lol:

BTW…I don’t hate on Wong , he’s a great player but Daigo…c’mon …he’s too good


Look at Justin Wong at 00:28, when Chun-li is doing the 2nd set of kicks, Justin rolls the joystick and smash the buttons like crazy. He thinks he can use this to divert Daigo’s attention, LOL…

Sometimes I go to my friend’s house and re-do the whole Daigo vs Justin match, and we laughed so hard after we do the same thing as Daigo and Justin… like trading the low forward kicks, dash backwards, 3 jabs, roundhouse, jab, SA2, parry… Jump parry + Roundhouse, low forward, Strong ShoryukenXX SA3, lol

The annoucer: Daigo actually angry… wooo, I am so scared

Justin takes a good lesson, great

Daigo did the first parry motion after or before the super flash?

that works… i’ve mashed on the stick while wong was doing the ROM infinite on me… and he messed up… this happened a few times… the change in rhythm that you hear messes your timing up, unless you’re concentrating 100% on the game. me… bleh… i can’t concentrate 100% on anything

just out of curiosity, is there anymore vids of that match??
it only showed one round… and i want to see the rest…

anyone have links?

Did daigo enter the first input parry after or before the super flash?