Daigo vs Jwong



edit: now hosted on srk



that was waaaaaaaaaaaay too good.


Yet another standing ovation at the expense of Justin Wong…




jizzlEE WTF






I remember at that moment I was thinking that Justin was going to go for super since Daigo had no life left. But I’m sure Daigo was thinking the same and was expecting the super as well. It was a really great moment specially since I was there to witness it :). Thanks for the link…later.





That didn’t make any fucking sense. Daigo went and just Canceled Christmas on that one.


daigo is my fucking hero


Being there to witness that moment was the ultimate experience for any SF player.


lol was jwong mashing on his stick when he saw that shit getting parried


Finally, thanks for hosting.:cool:


Daigo did what he had to do. He wasn’t trying to embarass Jwong like Soo did in MvC2, he just tried to stay alive. Great shit though.


holy shit.

I hope the evo dvd will have the 2 angles dealy.
That was sick. DAMN!!!


lol yeah he was

probably thinking NOOOO!!! holy shit~ NOOOO!!! :lol:


Daigo gave a big, symbolic “Fuck you. I’m THE BEAST!” to Wong with that parry exhibition.

I was so glad I was there for that shit. Fucking owned like what.


Whether you don’t know much about 3s, or have never played, it is a must see.


:eek: :eek: