Daigo vs. Nagoya Grandmasters


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I do not mean to derail this thread in any shape or form (thanks Sabin for all the info you’ve dished out over the last few weeks!), but apparently after the Nagoya Street Battle tourney they held a Daigo Umehara challenge against Nagoya grandmasters (I don’t know if all of them were repping Nagoya though).

These matches were some of the most intense, eye-popping and epic fights I’ve ever seen! There were an INSANE amount of clutch moments and a good dose of total RAPE rounds as well. The overall skill level displayed was amazing! It was one of the most enjoyable challenge sequences I’ve seen in a while (in my opinion better than the Arcadia Umehara Kumites). I think there was a Perfect round in nearly every set, which is hilarious since EVERY player (except 1) in this challenge is a grandmaster!

The matches were either best of 5 or 7, depending on the player. The match list is as follows:

Umehara vs. Kindevu (Rufus)
Umehara vs. Maeda Taison (Boxer)
Umehara vs. Gama no Abura (Dictator) <-- Umehara GA guy!
Umehara vs. Eita (Akuma)
Umehara vs. Rikuson (Sagat)
Umehara vs. Pie (Sagat)
Umehara vs. Momochi (Ryu)

The link to LordAborigine’s channel where all the matches can be played:


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I noticed that Daigo’s win % has been slowly dropping. But that’s what happens when you play the best of the best that frequently. Great series of matches BTW.


The Dictator matches are disapointing, expected more from GnA.

PS; wat is Umehara GA guy?


This is fucking awesome… Thanks OPs!


Gama played badly. He’s a good Bison but seriously… he didn’t bring much to the table here.

And Rikuson made Sagat look bottom tier.


The best matches are the ones against Maeda Taison and Kindevu. Momochi also did pretty good, but I like him better with Akuma.


This was already posted in match video sticky I think.

One of the more interesting bits from this gachi is Daigo’s extensive use of EX-Tatsu frame trap.


Thanks for the vids whoever posted them originally.

I love me some vids of the Great Diego Umehari.


Neat finish on the first match. lp srk super ultra.

Hilarious how he first loses two matches straight to Gama no abura (dictator), then goes on to almost perfect two rounds in a row. Like he’s saying “Okay I figured you out bitch, no more playtime”


This maybe?



Rikuson is actually a pretty good Sagat player. Just Daigo knwos the Sagat match to well, ive watched him play in Bigbox a shitload obviously. i would advise that you dont play that char against Daigo…seriously.


Thanks for the links psycho.


Either that or Rikuson is predictable as hell. Watch how many tiger shots Daigo jumps over into a jumping rh combo.


Thanks :tup:


that rog is my fav rog on the face of the earth. his reactions/reflexes/execution can rival any of the top JP players even mago imo. how many times did daigo get hit with taison’s ultra? i never seen balrogs use it in a way w/o headbutting to it as often as him. keno does it like once in a blue moon tho.


Yea the Maeta Taison fights were hypest. That’s the best Balrog on the planet in my opinion.


EX-Dash into Ultra was uber clutch.


ive played both of them, as i said…daigo just makes sagats look “predictable” cause he knows the match so well.


Daigo loving the bait into throw ex tatsus these days.