Daigo vs. Ratio1Beatdown

Roger are you reading this shit? Picked an odd time to revisit that place. :o


WTF??? Ok, first of all, at the last evo (2k3) Roger came in 9th, so obviously he’s not some scrub who Daigo “should have beat easily”… It’s sad enough that this person is such a fanboy, but I draw the line when they start disrespecting a GOOD player. From what I heard from Roger, it was a solid match… To say that Daigo choked… TWICE… well how often does that happen? Yes, the Japanese are good, but they’re not lightyears ahead of NA anymore.

Not like it’s the first time Daigo has lost in CvS2. lol…

roger beat daigo. end of discussion. all these fanboys need to take their japanese hero’s off their pedestals and realize they’re just players.

PS- i talked about this match in my evo log if you want to know more details. and i was RIGHT there with one of the best views you could have.


I believe that same fanboy posts here on srk. Not surprised that he’d attempt to state such a matter in such a fashion on gcc, a place of mostly fanboys who’d get away with saying shit like that.

Honestly, I don’t know why this is a big deal. Why are you angry that someone says Daigo was supposed to win? Roger is a solid player, but Daigo has a better tournament record and is easily the better player. How is Roger winning an upset if he’s the better player? The reason why its an upset is because Daigo was ‘supposed to’ win. In betting terms, Daigo was favored to win. If Roger was the one favored to win, or expected to win, and Daigo beat him, then everyone would have said Roger was supposed to win too. It just looks like someone is friends with ratio1beatdown and is getting agitated over something that isn’t a big deal. Daigo was ‘supposed’ to beat that French pad player, and Eddie Lee too, but he didn’t. I’d still think Daigo is better than them though. I don’t care about Daigo, but he’s definitely one of the top SF players in the world. Roger definitely outsmarted Daigo though, and obviously deserved the win he got. It’s still considered an upset though.

If Daigo and Roger player a best of 10, I’d bet on Daigo taking the series, 7-3 or 6-4 at least.

It’s just about communication. Saying R1 pulled an upset is true, saying that he wasn’t picked to win is true.

Saying that daigo ‘lost to someone he shouldnt have’, or anything to take away from this accomplishment is inconsiderate IMO. It’s kinda crazy, people barely mention what eddie and R1 do, but everytime one of us lose it ends up all over the net :(.

The problem with what you posted is that it’s being a sore loser. Why should anyone go to a tournament, if any upset they make is going to be met with ‘well you still aren’t good!’. I don’t see how daigo having more wins overall factors into the equation, or why it’s nessecary to be mentioned.

diago is a better player…fact, roger was the better player in that situation though.If he woulda beat roger I think he coulda taken top 3…I meen who did roger lose to, kid lee right?

a player from cen cal, and eric lee

to be more specific, a player from fresno whose name is also lee and eric lee.

I hate to say this , but it was console. Daigo lost to a French player at Absolution, and lost to Eddie Lee and Roger Williams here. If this was the arcade, then yes, we would have gotten whooped like every other EVL. Please remember that the two are completely different, and that the Japanese have totally mopped us is the arcade tournaments to this day.

when daigo lost to R1 beatdown and eddie lee, was it best of 3 or best of 1???

anyways daigo is by no means automatic in cvs2 like his other games. He’s still damn good tho. Definitely one of the most fun to watch when he rushes…

daigo is really a “charisma player” as the japs call him, people really are inspired by how he plays (then bite his shit and test it out at the arcade). So no wonder he has some fanboys on his ass.

Quite possible, although i would put something on eddie and daigo 1 game arcade CvS2 still. I think we have done really well when our players take away all their fancy options and just play for control. Ever since the first us/japan i haven’t seen evidence to the contrary, people that get their playstyle from them get killed for obvious reasons, doesn’t mean it’s the only way to play tho.

Regardless, I don’t know how many good US arcade CvS2 tournies we will see. So a console record mightaswell be the official one as far as CvS2 goes =P.


you’re kidding right?

completely different?

The point is… Roger won.

…Japs don’t play on console remember. =p

Japs have been playing 2394878374 years. Roger has been playing for 2/3? Doesn’t matter about console… They were both on MAS no?

LOL, that’s even worse! =D

Naw, Roger had his stick, and Daigo had his own.

Daigo’s better. MUCH better as in he will win at least 80% of the time. But of course there’s that 20% where he won’t win. I beat Ricky Ortiz once before in casual…he’s still a lot better than me though