Daigo vs Xian and PR Rog matches



I’ve been pretty devastated since my hero lost badly at Capcom cup. First off Xian is a bitch for counterpicking with Sim but whatever. In the last match it seemed like Daigo discovered that s.mk beat a lot of Dhalsim’s limbs but it was too late. Is this a good tactic against Sim or did Xian just not know how to beat it? PR Rog only beat Daigo with that red focus bs. Could Daigo have just Ultra’d that shit on reaction? I don’t have the best reactions but I have punished people using focus attack that close with Ultras before.

I too was upset at his at his last two preformances.

The rog match proved to me that Evil has bad match ups with characters with good buttons/spacing. Look at how many counter hits and whiff punishes Rog got on cr.mk. A lot of Daigo’s wins come from late game cr.mk conversions, but balrog and characters like chun li, rose, bison, vega, don’t have to respect cr.mk and the reason I believe Rog won is because he didn’t move. Too many players walk into cr.mk, which is why I think Daigo puts it in front of characters, but Rog just sits there… But Daigo should have used more f.mk and s.mk, I think he still would’ve lost, but It would’ve helped.

The sim match is why I BELIEVE WE NEED TO CHARACTER LOCK ALL TOURNAMENTS. I’M TIRED OF COUNTERPICKS. Infiltration and Xian lost a lot of my respect at capcom cup, but I can’t blame them. Each player should be allowed one character. It ticks me off when people who stick to their characters a tough out the match ups are passed by people who just counter pick. We have to character lock, otherwise people will all just learn a handful of characters like Adon for shotos, chun for grapplers, and yun for everyone else. If we don’t lock them in, then who would want to fight a hard match up when they could just counterpick, but if everyone is counter picking then there is going to be this meta-game about who picks who first, then games will be based of rock-paper-scissors at the selection screen rather than skill during the match. Because if you start with a bad match up, counter pick and win, they’ll counter pick, and probably win.

If I see Daigo vs. Luffy 2014, I expect Evil vs Rose, not Yun vs Rose.