Daigo Wins Evo 2009 with Pics

Daigo Wins Evo 2009 Street Fighter IV Championship Title Defeats Justin Wong

Complete pics of all final matches!

That match was everything I wanted and more!

YEA Daigo taking the Evo Championship.
Rooting for Daigo and never thought he would lose.

Because Daigo is that amazing.

So wrong.

Either way thanks for the post, great pics. Are there more pics of the even that we could see?

there is only 3 pics
but yeah
that match was mindblowing @_@
i have no words…

the look on his face is like hes gonna cry

I liked that Justin played into the crowd a lot more than I’ve seen him. Last time I watched him a few years ago he was pretty conserved. Really brought a lot of hype to an amazing finals finish. Last set. Can’t ask for anything better. Two biggest names in SF. And you know it’s gonna fly around the internet like their video years back because people will remember them.

Thus creating even MORE hype for next year. Can’t wait to be a part of it. :bgrin:

i got a fraps of the final round


Is that video footage of Tomo up there? So did he not end up coming to Evo but instead doing a video interview?

saw these on your website… man… crazy matches

My brand new MacBook Pro 13" died on me in the middle of uploading pics!!!

Luckily casperOne was nice enough to loan me his laptop to get a few more pics up. I shot over a 1000+ photos this weekend so there’s a lot to sift through and this laptop is slow as heck! (jk Nick!)

I’ll be sure to post up more tomorrow but there’s some up now. :rock:

Here are 3 videos courtesy of Mr Jared who is also the SCEA Home Community Manager

Daigo sending Justin to losers

Justin forces a reset

Daigo finishes Justin to become the first Evo SF4 champion

The best is “The Beast”. Congrats to Daigo and very strong boxer from J.Wong.

Love him or hate him, Justin put up a very good fight. For a moment, I thought he could take it, seeing as how he was giving Daigo such a hard time.

Daigo was making an unusually high number of execution mistakes, and several times after landing Ryu’s f+hp he just did a shoryuken instead of something harder and more damaging. Was he playing on a bad joystick, or did the screen have some extra delay compared to arcade machines, that he wasn’t used to?

yeah man, it wasn’t the fact that he was playing infront of 28000 people or anything. It wasn’t the fact that it was the biggest match of his sf career.

i think it was the grulling grind he had to go through as well was probably exausting.

Judging from his face, it wasn’t :razz:

Considering it was down to the last set

I would say it still couldve gone either way

Justin put up an amaazing fight

Holding off the beast and even then daigo still had trouble getting through

It was an “insert crazy word here” fight and I’m glad I saw it on the live stream

It rly sealed the deal for me to go next year

Obviously [media=youtube]5vNFYa-8l7k"[/media] when he plays fighting games. I’ve seen pieces of furniture with greater emotional ranges than Daigo during matches. :zzz:

That being said his Ryu up and down is once again proven incredible despite his robotic presence on the stage. :karate: