Daigo with Ryu?

Ever wonder what Daigo would be like re-visiting SF3S with Ryu?

I know in this game technically Ryu isnt the best and is “inferior” to Ken in terms of Tiers. But theres a reason Daigo picked Ken for this game and not Yun/Yang. Im sure at the time he was much better with Ken than Ryu.

Recently I found out Alex Valle actually influenced Daigo to main Ryu in SF4. I wonder, with the experience and everything Daigo has now how he’d do with Ryu in 3S. I even wonder just how good he was, in training originally testing out Ryu.

I doubt it, but is there any video of Daigo actually using Ryu in the SF3 games?

There is footage, actually, but it’s a decade or so old. [media=youtube]koGubiC9Dv4[/media]

Thanks so much wasnt expecting to find that. I still wonder what he’d be like playing Ryu now. I guess Alex Valle inspired him to RE-Use RYu for SF4 as his main. Do we still ever get to see Daigo play SFIII3S at the tourneys?

Yes, there’s recent Daigo footage too, but only with Ken. [media=youtube]TOgCouGC7dQ&feature=related[/media] (More on the channel).

Where did you hear this? He picked Ryu because he always picks Ryu and because he’s a tier whore.

yeah that’s pretty retarded seeing as daigo was racking up bp in arcade sf4 before valle had ever touched the game (for non-testing purposes i should add just to be safe).

the “influencing daigo to use ryu” thing is usually in reference to a3 where valle developed techniques like certain ccs that the japanese didn’t know about. and that may have been one of the reasons daigo switched from akuma to ryu or something.

It’s not like daigo gained some kind of ryu experience from sf4 lol If he went back to 3s with ryu he wouldn’t be like like the new ryu messiah.
Also, valle used bison in the early days of sf4 damnit

hey hey…! no one said hed be the messiah. but one has to wonder in all the previous games, who he tried to win with and how much time was spent with them.

also as a ryu player, ive experiment really maxing out ryu and he’s very limited in this game. amazing damage with shin shoryuken and can deal incredible damage from a fully charged denjin. other than that, he’s limited in his moves, their function, the speed, and distance. ryu in this game feels like a B to B+. but no where near the A game that he needs to be to fight competitively