Daigo's 45 Win Streak (Sick Executions)


Pretty interesting to watch; especially if you like watching training mode combo videos xD

Daigo’s Yun is truly remarkable. Love him or hate him, you have to give credit where it’s do. I don’t see how some random Fei Long from Japan (whose ranked No. 10 in Japan) won instead of this guy. Throughout this vid I reacted to some of Daigos combos like I would to MMA fights in the UFC and what not. They hit too hard xD. This makes you wish you were this good with Yun haha

a shitstorm is gonna happen because you said this. especially since fuudo ain’t a random fei ( or player in general ) lol.

wheres my dislike button srk?

Compared to Daigo, he is random! Lol, yeah, let all these people come in here acting like they knew Fuudo before EVO and pretending to be such a Fuudo supporter. I’m awaiting the posers. Either way, there’s a reason Fuudo is only ranked #10 in Japan.

smh…only #10


Obvious troll is obvious. Move on.

#10 is an amazing achievement…something no one here could do…but…Daigo is ranked No. 1. Which was my whole point in saying “only 10”.

Fuudo is a legendary Virtua Fighter player. Give him some time to build up his name on the Street Fighter scene and you guys will see he’s not “random”.

Yet #10 won @ Evo…hmm.

Didn’t Fuudo body Daigo in a set prior to EVO or something? He’s definitely on par with Daigo, you should really stop trying to discredit him.

most of the players that followed japan sf4 heavy already knows fuudo is anything but random. and he did build a name, back in vanilla with his ryu. he only didn’t build a name across the usa which don’t really know anyone outside the household japanese players such as daigo or tokido.

daigo might not even be the best yun skill wise.

him being #1 just means he has a lot of time on his hands. most of the guys in the top 10 could be #1 if they played more than the rest

Yeah, he beat Daigo in a big set in them “Gachi’s” or whatever they’re called.
Daigo: 4 // Fuudo: 3 GACHI winner: Daigo
Daigo: 6 // Fuudo: 4 GACHI winner: Daigo
Daigo: 5 // Fuudo: 10 GACHI winner: Fuudo

I think that to me Fuudo comes out on top. Overall Daigo only won by 3 games but Fuudo won by 5. Fuudo is definitely world class, I have no shame in saying he is probably one of the if not THE strongest player in the world right now.

Well he has the $$$ to fly back and forth across the ocean so at least all that time of his hands is cashing him checks right?

i dont even know what your point is…


I’m not sure about Fuudo the best in the world quite yet. Yes, he’s been hella impressive recently but there’s Kazunoko and of course Daigo you can never rule out in addition to others. Also the thing about Fuudo is I don’t think he gets enough credit for EVO as crazy as that may sound. Not only did he win it, he never dropped a set coming from winners and taking it from winners but also never seemed to be in danger of losing one neither.

My point is, you’re saying Daigo has no life…“all the free time of his hands”. I’m saying he must be doing fine because of all that traveling money he has.

Kazunoko is dope :slight_smile:

Fuudo random? Fuudo unknown? OK. Downplay any one who isn’t Diego.