Daigo's day job


Here’s a bit of trivia about The Beast

From Kotaku:

*Daigo Umehara could very well be the greatest Street Fighter player on this spinning blue orb we call “Earth”. There must be more to the man than that. There is.

In an interview with Japan’s Sankei newspaper, Daigo talks about signing autographs and his English-language nickname, “The Beast”. Besides the money he earns from tournaments, the paper asks what Daigo does for livelihood.

“I work in a nursing home,” he replies. At most, he says he’s been working about five days a week. “Both of my parents work in the medical field, so there wasn’t any resistance to taking care of the elderly.”

Not only can Daigo wipe the floor with just about anyone in Street Fighter, he also helps the elderly during the week.

The Beast? More like The Nice Person.

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I hear Daigo eats fish dishes at least six times a week.


Damn, who would have thought! He has respect for his elders just like Ryu…i guess.


Changing bedpans by day, DPing into ultra by night.


I wonder if he teaches the elderly to play SF in the common room of the elderly home.




i bet there’s some old dude there that looks like Gouken whom Daigo asks tips from for Street fighter. :rock:


What’s up with all these users and their one word noun screen names?


" hey granny , how’s your kara-shoryu technique doin ? “
” i need a hand massage son "


pun #1: I guess he first wipes ass, and then kicks 'em

pun #2: I guess you could say he mops the floor with his opponents.

yea, theyre crap i know.


cute but has nothing to do with FGD


I think they wanted to say that to be honest


Cool trivia bro.

Did you know Daigo also uses toiletry products for personal hygiene purposes? Cool huh? Just like Ryu!


Your post made me die laughing. Thank you.


man, so what? Daigo helps out the eldery. I perform unnecessary surgery on the homeless, and nobody writes threads about me :frowning:


i though the was a professional mahjong player


Well thats cool i can picture the 100 year old granny watching evo and telling him to man up for losing 1 match LOL
Heres the latest daigo online match sick sick sick the come back of 2010



beautiful :sad:


The OP’s name and the person he’s talking about seem to be a common theme these days…


Hey man, I picked this name out back in the tekken 3 days when one word noun screen names were all the rage. I’m one of the old geezers on this board and like all old men I refuse to change.