Daigo's Guile = best?



Canada Cup reveal. Discuss. :looney:


Guile needs to be nerfed immediately.


Omg no mago threw the match


shoutouts to #trapcom


Oh lol


pretty insane stuff I saw…

the shit I saw, I never seen no other guile players use.


That’s more like it.


Guile is obviously top tier.

Daigo is just a regular player, but when you’re playing auto-mode Guile, how could you lose?


Nerf plz


Songo[KthX] = Dagger G = Machi > Daigo.

Real talk.


Best Guilepson.


Daigo with any character is the best.


shit i play akuma so i clearly don’t give a fuck, but guile clearly needs a nerf of some sorts…nothing drastic anyways.


Well, Daigo does play Guile in ST/HDR…


Daigo’s use of st.forward as an anti air/poke was pretty beast.I mean I always knew it could be used in that way but aside from a local Guile player,I haven’t seen many Guiles use that before.

Then again I don’t watch too much japanese Guile.


lmao I knew people would blow up the guile forums…jeesh people


Daigo is up there. He’s not the flashiest Guile player, but maybe the smartest. As far as nerfs? Guile still has some very, very bad match ups.


oh noes!


Not the best at all. I’ve been air grabbing ex chicken wings since day 1 I wonder why people even got hyped about that. Also I noticed he failed at Flash Kick FADC Ultra which I can do no problem.


He didn’t fail at it. I don’t even think he attempted it. It seemed he always FADC just in case they blocked.