Daigo's Inputs



I’ve been noticing a variety of things while looking at Daigo’s online replays where they display his inputs.

When he uses focus attacks, he inputs:


When he grabs, he inputs:





When OS teching, he inputs:



Does anyone know why?


I think it is a kara grab but I have to try it out


And plinking mp


He is select p-linking also


P-link for sure


Plinks. Also he has a select button modified onto his stick so he plinks with that.




Seth Killian, I don’t have the vid of him saying this. it was during EVO.


Cool…didn’t think it was allowed at tournaments


this depend on the tournament. those who don’t support the eight button layout don’t support this think. thoso who do support this. (in six layer layout you have to put the other 2 key on no funcion and if the opponent suspect you are using select or other buttons you might be disquilified)


Yeah, I thought all major tournaments only allowed a 6 button layout (like SF is meant to be played anyways)


for what i know it’s like this only in europe. most mayor US tournament allow 8 button and in Japan it’s a mix of the two sistems but usually they play on the arcade so there’s not this problem