Daigo's take on Hawk

At EVO, I spoke to Daigo very shortly about his opinion on Hawk. I wish I could have spoken through his translator but I didn’t. He said Hawk was a no go and gestured with a thumbs down. I thanked him and went back to my business.

I didn’t know what to think because I had really hoped I would be able to make something out of Hawk. I lost both my matches in the pools (to a Guile and an Abel) with Hawk and was mad at myself for not switching to Ryu but at the same time proud that I stuck with him.

EDIT- This isn’t the same UltraDavid here so ignore this
I did see UltraDavid play with Hawk in pool M and he did win that match but in his next game he switched characters.

I figure we’ll see some more developments, but with Hawk being downgraded more and more on the tier lists I don’t know what to think. You can’t rely on him.

Just because you didn’t win, doesn’t mean he isn’t good.

You do know that the HDR Tourney was won by a Gief player right? And you are certainly aware a Gief made top 8 in SSIV. And that an Adon did as well…oh, and I’ll go ahead and say the Gief and Adon ELIMINATED JUSTIN WONG because he didn’t know wtf to do to fight them. Even if he did, those ‘low tier’ guys were on their game for sure and definitely showed that tier’s don’t mean shit when the char is in the right hands. Who gives a crap where chars are ranked, just play your game and have fun.

so you’re posting because you said “t. hawk” to daigo and he gave you a thumbs down? who knows what he was thumbing down. he might not even understood it as t. hawk or maybe he was thumbing down the horrible texture job on his alt costume’s pants. dude looks like belongs to the maruchan ramen tribe. daigo sees the world through the eyes of a shoto, if you were going ask a jap about their thoughts on him it should have been kuni funada because he is a true grappler warrior.

I didn’t say anything about me not winning and that being the reason he isn’t good. That’s too ignorant, subjective and a big no-no here. I like Hawk and other players did get much further than I did at EVO.

I don’t think it’s really valid to compare Hawk to Adon and Gief’s success. They are already higher in the tier list. And I strongly believe Justin would not lose to any Hawk player.

We have now heard from Marn and Daigo-the number one player, that Hawk isn’t a strong character. I don’t know how you can deny that even without their opinions.

Monte- like I said I wished I could have asked him more detailed questions. His insight is important. Unfortunately I don’t know who Kuni is or if he was there and wasn’t able to ask his opinion.

What is the point of my post? I’m not entirely sure actually. I wish Hawk would get some fixes, we won’t see Hawk winning any tournaments, and I’ll continue to play and learn Hawk but I’ll know that he will never be a viable character in the immediate future. Plus it was cool to interact with Daigo!

you don’t know who kuni funada is? looks like somebody didn’t do their homework before going to evo. :nono: respect must be paid to kuni.

don’t these pro’s usually shun low tier characters?(for example justin wong’s thoughts on adon before the game came out)

so don’t go off of what daigo or anyone else says
i don’t even think daigo has faced many t.hawk’s in SSF4 if at all

daigo’s a good player but what he says isn’t exactly 100% true
it’s his opinion

everyone has one
don’t start changing yours because some famous player disagrees with you




Don’t know who KUNI is!? Aww, better rekkonize!

UltraDavid said on the stream that he didn’t participate in the tournament, and it doesn’t sound like Daigo to give thumbs like that, so this story never happened.

Maybe I didn’t specify, but UltraDavid played in pool M. I watched him along with Mr.KOF from 5PM to midnight.

People have discussed this to death already. Hawk is low tier for 1 reason only - he does not have enough options - Top tier characters have the most. His whole game IMO is based around his LP SPD and the ability to mind fuck your opponent (and characters that require mind games to be effective come up short becasue not every trick you want to use comes off…the other player is trying the same thing!). If he cannot get this going at least a couple of times in a round then he normally struggles. It is easy for your opponent to shut you down becasue they know what you want to do and playing lame makes your task that bit harder.

I really don’t get the facination with who said what about what characters. If you really had time to ask Daigo, Mago and any top Japanese players they would give you the answer you should be looking for…pick the character you like playing, you want to learn with, and have an association with. Mago in his latest Arcadia interview said it best. This game allows for player skill to make up gaps in match ups - that is something that should be paid attenton to. Hawk has some horror shows no doubt, but these are matches you need to learn and it sounds dull, but you need to minimise your opponents options, but keeping it ultra safe. There will always be high and low tier but do you see people telling Kuroda that in 3rd Strike when he destroys them with Q?

On the flip side if you asked top US players, they would say he sucks plain and simple. They would tell you to stay away from him plain and simple. The attitude is different and this is one of the many reasons Japan leads the way. They want to be competitive, but they also pick characters they like, who they then go to town on learning and this builds a bigger and stronger base of players and match up knowledge. Someone on here said that J Wong would never loose to a Hawk player - send him to Japan after the arcade release and I’m sure a dedicated Hawk, Hakan, Gen, Guy…etc could give him real headaches.

I have loads of reasons I play Hawk - I get to learn stuff knowbody told me about, He is a new character to SF4 series, I have to learn the match ups again, When I win with him it gives me real satisfaction as I know I completely outplayed my opponent. Lastly and as an alt reason, I have one eye on the future. Capcom will rebalance this game after the arcade release and they will want to get some of the lower level guys up to scratch…Hawk being one of them.

Sorry man, I didn’t play in the tournament. I decided at 2am the night before to drive to Vegas Friday, got there at 3, stayed until midnight (after the stream stopped), and then went home. I know a couple guys have gamer names built off mine (I think "RandomUltra"David is pretty clever), and one of my friends accidentally double registered and offered me a spot, but I declined. Actually now that I think about it, I think he might have offered me his spot in pool M.

I wouldn’t have been playing Hawk anyway heh. I’m rooting for him but I’ve said since the game came out that I think he’s low tier.

As for Hawk at Evo, as far as I know, he went nowhere. The one good Hawk player I know, HungBee, said he didn’t really do that great.

I disagree… heck, if anything making a grappler character that’s actually based around grappling in SSF4 is kinda cool >_>… he has a lot of other problems that could be adjusted to greatly improve his game though.

There are some rumors about changes floating around for the arcade version that will be backported to the console…hopefully it’s true and Hawk gets an adjustment…

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Hawk isn’t a strong character. However, that is completely mutual exclusive as to whether or not a good/ intelligent player can win with him.

Remember being low tier, does not equal an inability to win. Low tier characters can win with smart players behind them (Not to mention a bit of luck.) Just realize that if you play Hawk you?re going to have to work hard to win. You’re going to have exploited every opening and take full advantage of every window of opportunity. There is little room for error.

take blanka out of the game and t.hawk is a really good character. seems like everyone is worrying about what other players think.

t.hawk has the tools to beat everyone.

you forgot sim honda and guile.

also they really need some solid player input on whats wrong with hawk (read:not much). hopefully they dont pull a gen on hawk and make him totally useless. please just dont listen to random xbl/psn hawks.

i can see honda and sim being tough, but not impossible. i always thought if a good t.hawk gets in on guile it’s pretty much over. and hawk does have the moveset to get in.

blanka though - i just dont know what t.hawk can do to beat a good blanka.

Maybe I’m only saying this because Hawk is my alt, but some of you guys are seriously whiny. There’s a lot that hasn’t been discovered yet, especially for a character that no one’s playing. If you have delusions-- I mean aspirations of becoming an S tier tournament player, well yeah it might be a good idea to pick up Ryu and Rufus on the side. But for most of us, Hawk has plenty of competitive edge at intermediate to low advanced lvl play.

Thats a terrible attitude