Daigo's Twitch with the God's

Did you watch it?

If so, what did you take away from it?

I thought it was interesting, they mentioned SFV as more of an offensive game, rather than a Defensive game.

Daigo compared it to Poker. He said in this version, there is a little but more risk involved, and even though you have the cards in your hand, You don’t know whats going to “flop,” etc… making the game a little bit more chance oriented.

Watching them play, the all seemed to be impressed about how easily Mika can body people, especially with her V trigger setups.

Watching there matches, I noticed Dhalsim, Mika, and Chun Li, were just Wrecking everyone.

Looked like they were have a great time playing it.

However, after spectating the matches. I myself, got a little bored. I think it really showed the lack of depth, combos, etc… It just seemed like the same to setups over and over.

Hahaha, I also thought it was hilarious how they went into training mode and SHARED THEIR TECH. Meanwhile, turf wars in America.

Its always been turf wars in america its just a different mindset bro

Has anybody uploaded it to youtube?

All the videos really showed is that they haven’t played the game very long. You’ll definitely see more tech and depth as they play more. Already got guys like Kararesu in the lab figuring stuff out with Chun.


It wasn’t sim, mika, and chun doing well.
it was, tokido, (…sako?) and nuki. You also forgot haitani who was doing very well with necalli. None of which is surprising.

i watched a good bit of it and i didn’t find it at all boring tbh.

if you’re talking about stuff like when they were playing mika vs necalli and he was going for the same thing, they are playing like you would play when you are trying to figure some stuff. so he was just doing the same exact thing over and over to see if haitani could figure out a way around it. i thought this was pretty obvious. they were trying things in many cases.

no need to get into the ‘depth’ conversation because it’s just a waste of time. you’re entitled to your opinion, i disagree with it.

Yeah people try too hard with new fighting games. They want to push 5 year meta analysis out of a week 1/2 game. With time people will get more of what they want.

I enjoyed it. The fact they had the gods in one place like that was awesome. Was nice 2 see how they approach learning the game. Looking forward 2 more streams from The Beast

No, it showed that they all just started playing.