Daigo's Weapon of Choice

Does any1 know what stick Daigo uses?

Hopefully you don’t think that by using the same stick he uses, you’ll be as good as him…

I’m joking, I have no idea what stick he uses, all I heard was something about an astro boy.


he was playing on a gray namco stick last year.

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  3. Daigo doesn’t really need a stick to use since he plays in the arcade. However, when he came to Evo, he brought a custom stick. It was just a wood panel with an Astro City control panel on it and presumably Sanwa parts.

I saw Daigo playing on a custom long white stick with the Astro City panel on it, but I’m sure that’s someone else’s stick cause I also saw other players using it.

that was B-Izm’s Super gun for arcade boards.

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LoL never that, I was just wondering what some of the top playas like to use thats all. Thanx

well from what i know it doesnt matter what the top players use. do jordan shoes make u play bball any better? no. but it does help to have some good parts. i can play and so can others on just any stick and still win. the on exception is when u get a crap stick like some in the SFAC stick that dont do diagonals right for blocking. its pissed me off before. but wong uses a basic mas stick and some others use just a STOCK agetec which is great or a yellow namco stick. so it shouldny matter what diago is playing on because im sure he will just kick ppls asses on just about any stick he gets his hands on.

daigo took one of those old school astro city pony machines’s 2 player board layout and just slaped it on some wood painted white, but i agree, it’s not the machine that gets you better or who you have to play like to win, it’s up to you and how you manage to play skillfully agianst others. my guess is that he started playing SF with one of the pony machines and just made a custom stick to what he has already gotten used to. so just play how you feel that’s comfortable.

Daigo’s board
The Astro City machine he jacked a moded. xD (replica, not the actual one haha)

Its what you start playing with thats all.Daigo uses sanwa cuz thats what they have in japan…doesnt mean it will for everyone.Give Sanford a sanwa stick and you can probly beat him :rofl:

you can do the same thing with all the real arcade pros, its just one whole piece, then mount it somewhere like a speaker box

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