Dairanger Finished!

I just finished this up today. I guess the reason why I didn’t put this in practice junk was well… I dunno. This was a collab I did with a friend of mine I met on DA, named MagusStorm, who was gracious enough to donate his artwork for me to paint. Welp, here it is:


Looks incredible. The folds in the arms were nicely done.

Great job looks very nice. Colors look good too.


You are getting better at computer coloring. Good stuff man.
I really like the red ones arm, It is very believable, and it works.

Nice job.

white ranger looks good. sword could use more shadows, but I’m just nitpicking by now.

red ranger is nice, I think his staff should be a darker colour as it nears his body though… to give us a sense that it’s behind him as opposed to rising out of his neck.

this be good shit :slight_smile:

Nitpick away my friend! To be honest, I thought you would’ve pointed out how flat the white ranger’s left arm looks. I think I was too high on the shadows there. =\ For the swprd, I sorta rushed it, and for that… it looks hella crapped out. Thanks for crittin me Rook!

Thanks for the compliments you guys!