Daisuke Ishiwatari working on a westernized IP

Interview here.

Daisuke Ishiwatari (creator of Guilty Gear), is director of a new project and he is in charge of westernizing Arc System’s IP.

Next Guilty Gear will be a FPSRPG.

Overture II now with less shit on the screen!

But Why? meh… get hyped

link to the picture

That article was so refreshing to read.

Nice article but… where is the “new westernized IP” thing?

BlazBlue of Duty 6 with a cover system, regenerating health and QTEs all over the place.

A serious twisting of words in that title. Hell, this is one of the quotes in the article…

The closest they came to mentioning the West was when he mentioned how ASW would like to have a “Third pillar” kind of title. There was no indication that it was supposed to cater to the West or even that it was his secret project.


So having the words “West, New IP, Secret Project” spread out all over the article equates to "in charge of westernized IP?"
Da Vinci Code shit right there apparently…

I just hope by Westernized, we’re not just repeatingthe 90sagain.

Agreed. Ishiwatari is one of the best designers working today imo and still would be even if the GG franchise was all he’d ever done. The last line of the interview really drives home the fact that he’s still as much a fan of games as he is someone working in the industry.

But yeah, I didn’t see anything about Westernizing an ArcSys IP.

This. I kept looking for this “westernized title” but found nothing.

When did I ever state it was a new title…?

I like how people blame me for not reading when they can’t read themselves :confused:

Didn’t really say anything concrete about westernizing an IP either.